SwimWay | SwimWay Team Health & Safety Training - Spring Term 2018
At the start of every term, we run pre-term health and safety and introductory meetings for our staff. These meetings are essential for everyone in the employ of SwimWay to not only run through necessary team information and procedures, but to also ensure we deliver on our commitment to health and safety excellence.
SwimWay Team Health & Safety Training - Spring Term 2018
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SwimWay Team Health & Safety Training – Spring Term 2018

At the start of every term, we run pre-term health and safety and introductory meetings for our staff.  These meetings are essential for everyone in the employ of SwimWay to not only run through necessary team information and procedures, but to also ensure we deliver on our commitment to health and safety excellence.

The legal minimum for health and safety training is once every two years, but we believe that we should be going above and beyond the minimum requirements.  Your children deserve highly trained, experienced instructors who know how to react quickly and professionally to any and all situations.

This term’s meeting was held on Sunday 7th January.  The team was split into two groups to attend the general teachers’ training and information meeting held by Company Director Dan Pastor, and Head Coach Tamsin Watt, and the Health & Safety Training held by SwimWay’s Health & Safety Consultant Dave Perry.

As usual, Dan opened the meeting with a quick introduction to the new team members for the Spring Term Marta Barbara and Eduardo Munoz.  We are extremely excited to have these two top instructors joining our team this term.  Only two weeks in and both have proven to be extremely popular with the children and parents.  We are always confident of the instructors we bring on board as we have a rigorous selection process, with any new instructors go through a long and arduous shadowing and training programme prior to their first term with us.

Dan then spoke about procedures and policies, and specifically adding value to the services we are providing.  He talked about communication between our instructors and the parents of their students, and how it can help to create a bond and positive atmosphere, not only for the child but for the adult too.  The importance of this communication can not be neglected.  It is essential for us to ensure that the faces of our company are helping to produce an effective and happy learning environment for everyone involved.  Our instructors then spoke about their experiences in this, and an active discussion sparked some good ideas and helpful advice for all.  It is important to us to use these meetings as an opportunity for our staff to share and learn from each other.

Tamsin then took over to introduce the team to our new instructor training manual and videos.  Tamsin has been working hard for the past few months to produce a guide for all our instructors, old and new, to review to ensure they are all following the best teaching practices at SwimWay.  Then over the December break, she and Will McCabe (SwimWay Operations Manager) met to film a series of short training videos.  Will edited these into helpful snippets for our instructors to reference specific training methods and SwimWay methodology along with the manual.  Our goal is to develop these videos and manuals further over the course of this year to revamp our training system for all new starters and current instructors.

Dan then spoke about the plans to expand upon the use of videos not only for our instructors, but for our clients too.  This term, we are planning to put together a series of short videos of our parent and baby lessons to give to our clients free of charge.  We are starting the project on a small scale, and building on the idea after we see the response from the parents.  We feel these videos will be an excellent keepsake for years to come.

Finally, Dan ended by running through all the important upcoming dates for our instructors and clients, including:

  • Spring Term Holiday Crash Courses running in February and April (for more information, please see here)
  • Our current clients’ priority rebooking period running 5th – 21st February (more information here)
  • Summer Term general bookings opening date on Monday 26th February at 12pm (more information here)
  • Students’ assessments running w/c 5th March
  • Final day of the Spring Term – Thursday 29th March
  • First day of the Summer Term – Monday 16th April
  • The next SwimWay pre-term staff meeting – Sunday 22nd April

Downstairs in the the other room, talking to the second half of the team, the SwimWay specialist consultant Dave Perry was running the health & safety aspect of the team training.  Dave is an invaluable part of the SwimWay team, taking the lead in these health and safety training sessions, as well as making sure all our sites are up to code with full NOP and EAP amongst other things.  Not only does he help our instructors go through basics of the most common minor injuries, but he also puts them through scenarios based specifically for SwimWay’s unique methodology, facilities and operation.

Dave started by running through a Q and A session about first aid topics including respiratory disorders (asthma, hyperventilation, etc.), choking (adults, children & infants), bleeding and broken bones.  He then moved onto cover responses to several specific incidents that may occur in the environments we use.  It is essential we ensure all our staff are up to date and repeatedly informed of our  normal and emergency procedures to guarantee an effective response in all circumstances.  Lastly, Dave took the team through another CPR refresher, covering infants, children as well as adults.

We put so much effort into our staff training every term.  We have a firm belief that SwimWay has the best swimming classes in London, and a large part of that is the quality of the training our team receive.  As a company, we are continually dedicated to providing safe, private swimming lessons for your children.