SwimWay | Why Choose Private Swimming Lessons Over Busy Community Classes.
Why You Should Choose Private Swimming Lessons Over Community Classes. SwimWay runs swimming lesson in private pools & exclusive health clubs in London.
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FAQ: Why Choose Private Swim Lessons Over Busy Community Classes?

Frequently Asked Question: “Why Choose Private Swim Lessons Over Busy Community Classes?”

SwimWay offers private swimming lessons year round in private pools and exclusive health clubs in London. Even if you don’t have a pool in the back garden, it’s important for your children to learn how to swim. As your children grow up, they will have many opportunities to swim and play in water, whether it’s a pool at their friend’s house, a lake on the family holiday or in the ocean on a sunny beach holiday. Learning to swim will not only help them enjoy the water, but it could also save their life.

You could choose to sign your child up for lessons at the local community centre, or you could opt for lessons at a private facility. There are a number of benefits to going the private route, especially at the private pools and luxury clubs which house SwimWay swim classes.

All of SwimWay’s swimming instructors are highly qualified and regularly trained with the common goal to ensure that every child learns how to swim successfully in a safe environment. In these private swimming lessons, the instructor student ratio is very low, allowing the instructor to give each student more focused attention.

Community centre classes are often larger, making it easier for a student to fall behind. With SwimWay’s small class sizes, the instructors are able to easily spot when a child is struggling and help them. This extra attention can mean the difference between passing a level and having to repeat it.

Once a child falls behind, it’s almost impossible for them to catch up. Being behind can hurt a child’s self-esteem and make them want to give up. Instead we want your child to gain a lifelong love of swimming.

SwimWay also runs private holiday swimming courses which run daily over the half term and holidays. These child holiday classes are incredibly useful, enabling children to swim and work with our coaches everyday helps to focus and improve their abilities.

A number of pupils find these private holiday classes so beneficial that they ask for term time private classes as well. Of course the other great thing about this holiday swimming is that it is a great activity to keep the kids active and having fun when they are not in school.

Community swimming pools are busy and oftern over crowded. SwimWay’s private swimming lessons take place in private pools and exclusive health clubs. Because of this we can ensure the high quality of the facilities and privacy.