3 Reasons To Continue With Swimming Lessons Over Autumn

Recently we have experienced the biggest spike in bookings for the Autumn period ever.  Our lessons are in huge demand, with most of our clients finding inarguable reasons to continue swimming during the colder months. In some locations, we have more bookings than we did in Summer!

autumn term swimming

This is unusual as generally, our Summer Term is the busiest season for obvious reasons: Sunshine and holidays!  However, it is wonderful to see that trend has been challenged, as we believe continuing with swimming lessons throughout the year is extremely important to the children’s progression.  Here’s why…

1. Continuous Progression

First and foremost, top of the list of reasons to continue swimming in Autumn! Our students thrive in their lessons when they attend on a regular basis.  When a child attends lessons irregularly during a term, you will find that their progression can suffer as a result.  The old adage “practice makes perfect” holds true.  You can imagine that taking a break for an entire term can have similar, if not greater consequences.

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Of course we do understand that circumstances sometimes simply do not allow some clients to continue swimming every term.  In this case we usually advise these clients to try keep the children swimming casually on a regular basis so they don’t regress during the break.  Another fantastic option is to sign up for the holiday courses running over the term you miss.

Every term SwimWay runs at least two holiday courses at a wide range of locations.  The courses run during half term and at the end of every term.  If you are unable to swim term-time, these courses are extremely popular as the children improve by leaps and bounds due to the intense attention and focus on their needs throughout the week.  Combining fun with the obvious health benefits, the courses are an excellent boost to the children’s progression.  We are now taking bookings for the holiday courses running this term.

You can see all holiday course information including locations, dates, times and availability by clicking here.

2. Picking Up After A Long Summer Break

As you are aware, there is a long break between the end of the Summer Term, and the beginning of the Autumn Term.  Many of our clients sign up for our every-popular Summer Holiday Courses, and many are also on holiday by the pool or the sea on a daily basis.  So the regular water experience keeps the children swimming.

However for many, there is simply over a month of no access to a pool.  At this point, most children can pick up what they may have forgotten over the break pretty quickly and get back into the swimming style within a lesson or two.  But if you add another four months of no swimming until the Spring Term begins, the children’s progression can be affected.

3. Christmas Holidays In The Southern Hemisphere!

Don’t forget that if you’re lucky enough to be able to travel, you can chase the sun and experience two Summers every year!  And we all know what Summer means for kids: SWIMMING!

While we deal with rain and mud up here on our island at this time of the year, the sun is shining on the other side of the planet.  You don’t want to spend months looking forward to your sunny Christmas break, and arrive at your favourite Australian holiday destination unprepared!

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