SwimWay Summer 2022 Photo Competition

At the end of the Summer Term 2022, SwimWay ran a fun photo competition for our instructors and clients. Parents were encouraged to take photos of their children receiving awards and badges at the end of the term. If they were so inclined, the parents could then enter their photos into the competition. The winning instructors received a cash bonus at the end of the term.

Deciding Factors

The most important factor for the competition was obviously permission from parents to use the images. Additionally, we needed to ensure image quality was also top notch! We got a couple of images that were stunning, but we couldn’t choose them as they were of a very low resolution, unfortunately.

More Photos Than Ever Before!

We had more photos sent through this term than ever before! The children get so excited to receive their certificates and badges at the end of the term. Summer term in particular with the yearly summer medals that are awarded, so there were many happy faces which was a delight! It was an incredibly difficult choice, but eventually, we had to narrow the fifty or so photos down.

And The Winners Are…

After much debate, we finally made a decision and had to choose below are the three winning images!

Our sincerest thanks to all the other fantastic entries we had. All the other photos can be seen in the “summer farewell” video we posted on Instagram below. All absolutely stunning images as you can see! It was such a difficult decision! We can’t wait to have another competition soon!

Congratulations to the clients and instructors who won the SwimWay Photo Competition!