Learn about SwimWay Swimming Lessons

In this video company founder Dan Pastor helps the viewer learn about SwimWay swimming lessons. He talks about how SwimWay teaches its pupils to love swimming as much as we do! This is done using the SwimWay method, thus igniting their passion for swimming!

“SwimWay takes a different approach to other swimming schools. We teach very small groups and our instructors are always in the water. We don’t use buoyancy aids – we don’t have to. Our instructors are there to give support.

The first thing we do with a child is make sure they can submerge in the water. Once a child is happy to submerge, then we can actually start the lessons themselves. We then teach them to float and to develop buoyancy. When a child understands and controls buoyancy, then he/she is ready to swim.”

– Dan Pastor, SwimWay MD

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Dan says our method is far more efficient at teaching the necessities of swimming…

“If you go to a large leisure centre, they will give you shark wings or armbands which would mean a much longer process.”

When teaching children a new skill, it is important to start them on their journey correctly. Thus, they will have a good foundation to grow from.

“On the other hand, we believe that our responsibility can go even further than that. It is not only about teaching swimming skills. It’s about exposing a child to a relationship with water.

Because we are lucky enough to have such small classes, we can have a much more personal relationship. Not only with the children, but with the parents too!”

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The success of our students is reflected in their enjoyment. All our coaches say how much they enjoy seeing their students get the most from their classes.

“Swimming lessons is, for a lot of our students, their favourite time of the week. That’s something that always makes me happy. Happier than hearing someone won the race or swimming gala at school. Hearing parents say that their children enjoy the lessons so much that they ask for us the whole week! It’s incredibly fulfilling.

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SwimWay Team, Spring Term 2020

“At SwimWay, customer service is very important to us. When you call the office, we recognise you. We recognise you and know who your child is. We make sure the children swimming together are of a similar age and ability. That makes us very different from a larger operation. No matter how much the business expands, we still run it with a customer-based focus.”

We hope this helped you learn about SwimWay swimming lessons! If you would like to discuss more, contact us here or call us on 020 8871 3972.