SwimWay COVID Guidelines – Autumn Term 2021

Following an extremely safe, successful and hygienic Summer period, we are now entering a new phase of strange COVID times.  While the Government has done away with most restrictions, we will continue with our cautious approach to SwimWay COVID Guidelines.

Summer Term Success

The Summer Term 2021 was our first full term of lessons without any lockdown interruptions since Autumn 2019! Six fully booked holiday weeks then followed. Our highly trained staff and the SwimWay COVID Guidelines have helped us navigate our way through this incredibly difficult period. While we are feeling extremely positive about the future, we know it is not quite over yet.

Autumn Term Changes

The Autumn Term starts on Tuesday the 31st of August and the SwimWay COVID Guidelines continue will remain in place until further notice.  A few small changes will be introduced from August 31st. Further updates may continue to occur as we monitor the ongoing situation.

We have been continuously monitoring and updating our guidelines throughout the pandemic to ensure the safest and cleanest possible environments for our clients, students and staff. Each venue and lesson type has a full set of risk assessments and guidelines. We are ready!

If you have not received your term start reminder with full policies and procedures, contact us and we will resend right away.

SwimWay COVID Guidelines: Main Points To Note

  1. If at all possible, children should arrive already changed under their clothes/towel/bathrobe.  If this is not possible, you are welcome to change at the venue, but please note you will only have five minutes to do so
  2. We ask if possible, to shower at home before and after your lessons. If this is not possible, showering facilities will be available for rinsing only (no hair washing)
  3. Face coverings must still be worn at all times, unless you are seated at one of the stations with appropriate social distance maintained. We do highly recommend you wear a mask when seated too but will not enforce this rule. Our Putney and Kew Gardens venues will continue to enforce masks to be worn at all times
  4. Maximum one adult per student booked in.  If possible, please do not bring any siblings, but if unavoidable, one sibling max will be allowed
  5. Some venues will no longer have a receptionist on duty. Please always sanitise at the stations provided before entry. Use caution when attending. If you are displaying any symptoms, let us know and do not come to your lesson
  6. Should we receive advice from the government to that doesn’t allow us to run the lessons, we will either cancel part, or the whole of your booking (dependent on when we are able to restart).  You will receive a credit to the full value of the cancellation/s. Credits will be available for use for any term-time or holiday courses for up to two years after any cancellation occurs as per clause 4.5 of our terms

We are so excited to see you again! Should you have any queries or concerns do not hesitate to get in touch! We are on hand to help and to continue to promote

Peace of Mind.

See you next week!