An Endorsement of SwimWay’s Commitment to Health & Safety

by Dave Perry BA (Hons) MSTA Level 3 Lifesaving & Aquatic Tutor
Director, Aquatic Training Courses

The Beginning

Dan and I first met in 2011. We instantly struck up a strong professional relationship. The high standards of swimming tuition and commitment to health and safety at SwimWay impressed me greatly. Building on this, I took on the role of Health & Safety Consultant for SwimWay in 2014. I have been working closely with Dan ever since.

Site Inspections

Regular inspections occur at all SwimWay venues. We produce Pool Safety Operating Procedures (NOP & EAP) and risk assessments annually (as a minimum). Additionally, my role has involved inspecting all SwimWay pools on a termly basis. This ensures compliance to health and safety including; pool chemical readings, instructor conduct and physical aspects of each site. Dan and his team have always dealt with any concerns I have flagged as swiftly as possible.

Health & Safety Trainer / Consultant

More recently my role has changed to Health & Safety Trainer. The Health and Safety Consultant is now David Ashton. He has since followed my guidance and is doing an excellent job! David is also trained as a Pool Plant Operator and oversees this aspect within SwimWay.

All the above-mentioned procedures are in line with the HSE’s Health & Safety Guidance document 179. In addition, as Health & Safety Trainer, I provide refresher health & safety training every term. This is in addition to any First Aid, Lifeguard or Lifesaving qualifications the staff hold.

These training sessions incorporate practical CPR & First Aid. They also include intensive Q&A sessions. The Q&A cover the most important aspects of the Normal Operating Plan & Emergency Action Plan. This is to ensure that staff know their pools and procedures. But most importantly, what to do in the event of an emergency.

STA Accreditation

The STA has fully accredited this training. It is also compulsory for all SwimWay instructors. In addition, all SwimWay instructors must hold a valid, recognised lifesaving qualification (STA Safety Award or equivalent). They are not permitted to teach if they don’t (even though it is no longer compulsory). Over the last several years I have delivered many lifesaving courses for Dan and his team at SwimWay.

Highly Commendable Commitment

In my 20 years in the leisure industry, this level of commitment to Health & Safety at SwimWay is commendable. It goes over and above the standards set by the majority of other swim schools I have come across.

Congratulations to Mr Dan Pastor for implementing and maintaining such high standards of health and safety. I am very proud to be a part of this. I very much look forward to many more years of continued partnership!

Great work Dan, well done!

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