SwimWay Ensuring Health & Safety In Swimming Lessons

At SwimWay, ensuring the Health & Safety of your children is at the heart of everything we do.  We are passionate about providing parents with safe private swimming lessons.

Here is a picture of some of our team renewing their pool rescue awards. Below the image, you will also find some information on what the course covers. It is an 8-hour course for those renewing their qualification. It concludes with a 2-hour independent assessment.

instructors completing health & safety training
SwimWay Instructors Attend Pool Rescue Award Training

These courses are an integral part of our instructor training. Falling in line with our Health & Safety and Safeguarding Policies. As usual, the course was run under the experienced eye of our Health & Safety consultant David Perry. He runs these and our termly training courses through his company “Aquatic Training Courses“. As a result, our instructors are some of the most highly trained teachers in the country.

The intensive training course covered a multitude of subjects, falling under three main categories:

The Teacher, Swimming Pool & Class Management

The course delved into the instructor’s role in supervision and rescue. Ensuring teachers are aware of their responsibilities while maintaining company standards and policies. Running scenarios that covered different types of pools and lessons, risk and class safety management, and disabled swimmers.

First Aid & Life Support – Adult & Child or Infant Life Support

First aid and life support is something that our instructors are incredibly familiar with. We do basic training in our termly staff meeting. However, this course dives deeper into this training. Deciphering the different roles and responsibilities of a first aider. There is more to cover than you would think! From the management of major and minor casualties to initial assessments and accident reports. They also went through specific conditions, action for vomiting and recovery positions. Of course, the ever-essential adult, child and infant CPR received thorough coverage.

Intervention, Rescue and Emergency Action

Finally, the instructor-turned-students began this section with different types of pool entry and exit. This was followed by poolside and water rescues, as well as various recovery and casualty management scenarios.

Our experienced and hard-working instructors participate in safety training three times a year. Additionally, they renew their pool rescue awards every 24 months. We understand this is important to parents. Thus, we strive every day to provide a safe and happy environment to learn to swim.

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