SwimWay Spring Term 2019 Team H&S Training

At the start of every term, the entire SwimWay team meets for the meeting and health and safety training.  As a result, we have an opportunity for the team to meet to discuss ideas and resolve any potential issues. Above all, the gathering includes our health and safety refresher course.

SwimWay MD Dan Pastor and Head of Swimming Tamsin Watt took the staff through operational matters. Meanwhile, in a second group our Consultant Dave Perry ran through the company Health and Safety practices.

Health and Safety Training

Dave split his groups into teams for interactive and practical training sessions. It was a very competitive process, with scores ranging between 70% – 90%.  During these sessions, the instructors had to work together to provide the correct procedures with precise techniques.  Topics included:

  • Diarrhoea in the pool
  • Emergency Calls – what number to ring, what things to say
  • Head injury with bleeding
  • Nosebleed
  • Dizziness
  • Child “not feeling good”
  • Broken Arm
  • Seizure in the water
  • Applying wound dressings for bleeds
  • Applying slings for fractures/dislocations

There was a positive energy in the room throughout these sessions.  Our instructors recognise the importance of these team health and safety training sessions. There can certainly never be too many first aid reminder courses!

Operational Procedures and Teaching Practices

New Developments: Dan kicked things off by announcing the opening of a brand new SwimWay Venue. Starting Summer Term 2019 we will be operating in Clapham Common West Side! For more information, contact us at clapham@swimway.co.uk, or read more here.

Standard operational responsibilities: Dan ran through each instructor’s duties and day to day tasks. This tied in many of the health and safety points that Dave dealt with in his meeting.

Assessments and SwimWay methodology: It is important that we ensure our students are correctly assessed.  Our booking system allows our instructors to continuously assess the children throughout the term. The result of this is the “assessment week” at the end of the term. These assessments reward the children for their hard work with certificates and badges.  Therefore, our instructors have to assess the children conservatively, and correctly.  Any over or under-estimation of a child’s level can result in mismatches in 1:2 lessons.  This is something we work very hard to avoid.

SwimWay Child Protection: Tamsin’s presentation promoted the welfare of children. She focussed on SwimWay’s policies for safeguarding and child protection.  As a result, by the end of this term, SwimWay will have it’s safeguarding policies available to view on our website. Our instructors consistently update their Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults course.  Tamsin went through SwimWay’s best practices to ensure a safe and protected environment for any person in the water.  This kind of focus assures our clients we understand our responsibilities as a lesson provider for children.  In short, the first priority for us is to ensure the health and safety of each and every one of our students.

A Welcome Reward

To finish the long Sunday, Dan treated the team to a drink at the local.  At SwimWay, we try to create a friendly and sociable environment for everyone. Therefore, these staff meetings allow for everyone to touch base and maintain relationships.

Click here to learn more about SwimWay’s commitment to Health And Safety.

To conclude, we would like to wish all our lovely students and parents a happy and productive term ahead!