SwimWay Zoom Team Training – Autumn Term 2020

This year has been a trying time for everyone, worldwide. We at SwimWay have managed the situation as best as we can. We know we are extremely lucky to be running our lessons during these strange times, and count each day as a blessing. More so than ever before, we have emphasised the importance of health and safety in our lessons and operation as a whole. This was the focus of the SwimWay Team Training for the Autumn Term 2020.

Our last training session before the lockdown was in January, where we covered our usual topics. Operational procedures, teaching practices, health and safety, CPR refreshers, etc. Little did we know that we wouldn’t meet again as a full team for the rest of the year.

This term, we scheduled our team meeting for the first Sunday of the term as usual. It would have been irresponsible for the whole team to meet in person. Nevertheless, we have the power of technology at hand! Our Zoom meeting was a great success and covered several extremely important topics…

swimway team training via zoom

New Team Members

First up, SwimWay M.D. Dan Pastor welcomed to the team our new starters. Tanya van Straaten and Joyce Rego are two new instructors who have joined the team this term. As usual, the feedback has been flowing in already after the first few weeks. Students and parents have taken a huge liking to our new teachers!

Along with these fantastic new coaches, we also bid a warm welcome to our brand new team of venue receptionists/hygienists. These front of house staff members are one of the most important new additions to our operation. They are there to greet clients, help maintain health and safety procedures and keep the facilities extra clean. Without them, we would not be able to run our lessons this term. We are extremely happy to have them on board!

Risk Assessments & Operational Guidelines

All receptionists and instructors have been provided clear instructions and documentation. These cover all risk assessments as well as client and operational guidelines for each venue. We have spent a huge amount of time creating individual documents specific to each pool we operate in. We continue to monitor and update this information as we progress through the term.

Teaching Guidelines

Following the welcomes and introductions, the meeting moved onto our COVID-19 teaching guidelines and practices. Head Coach Tamsin Watt and Health & Safety Consultant David Ashton carefully took the team through all points to ensure the safest environment for everyone. Including students, parents/carers, instructors and pool owners.

No stone has been left unturned. However, we understand this is a learning curve for everyone. These are unprecedented times and the only way to navigate through safely is to be overly cautious and to continue monitoring, learning and updating.

Thank You

A special thank you to our wonderful clients who have stuck with us through these trying times. We have received such wonderful feedback from so many of you since pools reopened in July. We truly appreciate your understanding, cooperation and continued support during these strange times we are all doing our best to get through together.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. See you at the pool!