SwimWay Swimming School: Seeking New Venues

SwimWay is constantly searching for ways in which we can a better service to our ever-expanding client base. Every term our demand increases, and every term we continue to grow. Thus we have now reached a point where SwimWay is seeking new venues in which to provide our lessons.


SwimWay Seeking New Regular Venues

Up To £10,000 Commission On Offer

We are offering a finder’s fee of up to GBP 10,000.00 per site. To claim this, help us secure a contractually-binding agreement with a new swimming facility (hotels, schools, private houses, private developments). SwimWay must be able to carry out swimming lessons at the venue in an unlimited capacity. This means bookings open to the general public, as opposed to being limited to members, guests or residents only. The finder’s fee will be paid at the end of the first full year of operation at the new site.

Some venues may already have a service provider. Thus, we would be happy to discuss how we could make a more appealing offer to take over the contract. Our established client base, sterling reputation in the industry, and professional online presentation would bring about far more effective business.

Are you a private pool owner, or management team of a school, health club or hotel with a pool? Get in touch now! We will happily meet with you to discuss a potentially long-lasting and effective business partnership.

The Construction of a Commercial Swimway Venue

This has been a plan for a number of years, and we are now taking steps to realise it. Creating our own space in which to provide swimming lessons is the next step in the company development. We have staff who are qualified and experienced in plant room and swimming pool maintenance. We have excellent relationships with companies specialising in pool and facilities servicing and building. As a result, many of our current sites are completely managed by us from pool chemicals through to boiler repair.

We are looking to build an above-ground pool, which means an easier, less costly construction. It could be a purpose-built parent and baby facility. This would mean a smaller pool which would widen the scope of potential venues. If you own a commercial site that would be suitable for a SwimWay operation, we want to hear from you! Demand for our lessons is higher than ever. So with a location of our own, we will continue delivering our high standard swimming tuition to our increasing client base.

Seeking Investors to Further Company Growth

It is important to note that we are not looking for investors to purchase a stake in the company. Once a commercial venue is sourced, we may need investors for the construction of our own pool and facilities. This could lead to other constructions, and/or franchising opportunities. Any proposals/data we present to a suitable investor would include our annual reports. Unfortunately, any P&L analysis would only be possible once a venue has been sourced. These things are very much site dependent.


WILLMCCABE@SWIMWAY.CO.UK / 0208 871 3972 (EXT. 2)

Or fill out the pool rental enquiry form here.