Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons

Learning To Swim – A Necessary Life Skill

Swimming is great fun, an excellent way to stay healthy and a relaxing leisure activity but it is also an important life skill. So what is a Life Skill, why is it necessary to learn how to swim.Unicef defines a Life Skill as: “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable

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3 Benefits Of Starting Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons Early

At SwimWay we begin teaching our Parent & Baby swim lessons from the age of 6 months. We believe it benefits the child to be introduced to the water early, enabling them to learn their basic skills and water confidence. Below are just 3 of the Benefits of starting Parents and Baby lessons early. 1. Learning to be safe Many of our youngest swimmers are fearless of the water and it is amazing to see, but this can also cause parents to worry and is one of the reasons they decide to enrol in swimming lessons with their baby. By teaching a baby or toddler the basics of buoyancy, exiting and entering the pool on their own and simple safety around water you can feel more confident about bringing your baby around water at the pool or at home.

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