FAQ: Cancellations, Refunds, Credits & Make-Up Policies

SwimWay has strict policies when it comes to cancellations, refunds, credits and make-up lessons. Our website contains full company terms and conditions here. We actively encourage all our clients to read and review these in full before booking.

However, we understand reading through all the terms can leave one feeling a little overwhelmed. This is why we make as much effort as possible to draw attention to a few of our conditions. We do this by putting together handy FAQ pages such as this one, or our recent ones about booking restrictions, potential mismatches and cancellations on our side. We also point certain terms out on the phone, and in all email communications. It is extremely important to us to ensure our clients are fully aware of our terms and conditions.

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Make-Up Lessons

We have a strict no make-up lesson policy in place for many reasons, but three of the most important are:

  1. We have to pay for the instructor’s time, regardless of the student’s attendance
  2. Pool hire fees are payable, regardless of the student’s attendance
  3. The majority of our venues are at capacity, and cannot accommodate any further bookings

Those booked into a 1:1 lesson with a friend/relative with a child who can swim in your place are welcome to do so. However, we will need the full details of the child added to our database prior to the lesson for insurance purposes.


We do allow for cancellations dependent on the circumstances. We do not wish to charge a client for a full term/course if they are not going to attend. Indeed, the instructor themselves would much rather have a student in the lesson than not. Nevertheless, we still need to ensure we do not end up running lessons at a loss, or losing a booking that is no longer sellable due to demand having diminished.

Some of the more frequent situations are detailed below, but our policies are not restricted to those detailed below, and come with certain conditions applied. We strongly advise you reviewed our terms for more details on anything listed below.

Term-Time Cancellations

  1. If you notify us of your desire to cancel within 7 days of booking
  2. New clients or current clients who experience a change of instructor at the beginning of the term
  3. Clients who do not fall under the above categories may be able to cancel should we or they be able to sell their space to a new client
  4. Advance notice of long-term sickness that affects a period of 6 consecutive lessons

Holiday Course Cancellations

  1. If you notify us of your desire to cancel within 7 days of booking, but not within 14 days of the course starting
  2. Between 7 days of booking, and 14 days of the course starting, cancellations will only receive a 50% refund
  3. No cancellations are accepted from 14 days prior to the course start, unless a replacement client is found

Refunds & Credits

Refunds are provided via bank transfer or card should you have made a card payment.  Card refunds can only be processed for the same term that the payment has been made for.  Please contact the office to arrange the refund to your card.

If you made payment via bank transfer, will also need to contact the office with your banking details: Bank Name, Account Holder Name, Sort Code and Account Number.  For security purposes, please do not provide any banking or card details via email.

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We do hope this helps to understand our policies regarding cancellations, refunds, credits and make-up lessons a little better. Again, we strongly advise thoroughly reviewing our terms and conditions in full. Should you have any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch.