FAQ: The Importance Of Disclosing Pertinent Medical Details

When dealing with swimming lessons for all ages and abilities it is extremely important to put safety first. Disclosing pertinent medical details about anyone entering the water in our lessons goes in hand with our “safety first” ideals.

healthy child in the water

Providing Medical Information

Disclosing any pertinent medical details will ensure a safe and secure environment for the student. It will also help the instructor create a suitable, enjoyable set of lessons that will demonstrate progression. Should any new medical details arise during your time with us, please inform us immediately.

Short/Long Term Illnesses

Should you or your child fall ill, you should also follow the advice provided by a medical professional. Please ensure viruses that can be transmitted to other students/clients are clear before attending our lessons. Please put the safety of others first. Do not attend a class if you feel there is any risk of transmission.

We are unable to provide movements/refunds/make-ups/credits for any missed lessons. However, we are able to advertise your space to try to sell it to another client. Additionally, for a 1:1 lesson you can have someone swim in your place for lessons you are unable to attend. If you cannot attend term-time lessons for 6 consecutive weeks, we offer a refund for the remainder fo the term. There is a 10% admin fee, and we do require a doctor’s note.

Client Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for ensuring any person entering the water is fit and healthy to attend the classes. If there are any existing medical conditions, you should seek advice from your doctor prior to attending the lessons. You may need to provide a doctor’s note.

The health and safety of students will be our top priority. However, SwimWay does not accept responsibility for any negative impact on lessons or wellbeing due to a medical condition that was or was not disclosed to us. SwimWay also reserves the right to cancel the lessons in this case. If you did not disclose the medical condition, a refund may be withheld.

Privacy & Storing Of Information

Any disclosure of pertinent medical details must be provided in writing via email to the relevant account manager. These details will be included in the child’s medical notes on the SwimWay database as per our privacy policy. Please note instructors and office staff will have access to these notes.

For more information, take a look at our terms and conditions here.