FAQ: Marketing/Service Communications & Unsubscribing

SwimWay sends two types of communications to our client database: Marketing and Service. Past submission requests for information have resulted in addition to our database.  We have never purchased data in order to beef it up.  We have found the demand for our lessons has always been sufficient to build that database ourselves.

Marketing and Service Communications

We generally send out a weekly marketing email that advertises our availability for term-time or holiday courses. However, sometimes we send out two emails, and/or a text as well dependent on the time of year.

We also send out service communications. Clients with an active booking will receive these. They provide information to you about your booking. These are not marketing messages so they do not require you to opt in to receive.

Everyone on our database is able to easily unsubscribe from the marketing communications. However, if you have an active booking with us, we recommend you do not unsubscribe. If you do, you will not receive the following manual notifications (these are either marketing messages or service messages that we do not currently have the functionality to automate):

  • The opening of the general bookings for the following term (this does not include priority rebooking periods.  When all booking/rebooking dates are confirmed, they can be found here)
  • The opening of bookings for the holiday courses (all term and holiday dates can be found here)
  • Instructor changes/replacements
  • Half term/holiday reminders
  • Start of term reminders
  • End of term reminders
  • Any other reminder emails regarding policies detailed in Ts&Cs and booking (see full terms and privacy policies on our website)

You will continue to be sent the following automated service notifications:

  • Priority rebooking periods
  • Lesson cancellations
  • Class leaving/movements
  • Payment confirmations

Unsubscribing From Communications

Our subscription options have always been clear. You can unsubscribe from our marketing messages by simply responding to any of our emails with “UNSUBSCRIBE”. Alternatively, you can…

Are You Not Receiving Our Communications?

We have experienced occasions where customers do not receive the automated notifications due to emails being diverted to spam, or outdated mobile numbers being on the system.  Please ensure you inform us of any mobile number changes and have noreply.notification@swimway.co.uk saved in your contacts/safe senders lists to avoid diversions to spam.