FAQ: How Much Progress Will I See From SwimWay Lessons?

When booking a new student into swimming lessons, a question that is often raised is “How Much Progress Will I See?”. It is a perfectly valid question, but not an easy one to answer…

Where the student will be after a week’s crash course or a term of lessons with us is dependent on many factors from student to student. How quickly they learn, how comfortable they are with the environment, past experiences, etc.  Each student is different and progresses at a different pace.  This is why we offer only 1:1, 1:2 and small group lessons. So that we can focus on each student’s individual needs. It is also why we take so much care to ensure our 1:2 and small group classes are matched well in terms of age and ability.

What we can say is that at the very least, beginner students will certainly become more comfortable with the environment and safer in the water. Submersions, flotations and safety skills are key to fuelling progression in the later stages. Intermediate and advanced level students will begin their work with us with stroke correction and technique development. This will ensure correct body posture and methods for distance and endurance training.

Beyond that, how much progress we will see will become more evident once they are in the pool with us!