FAQ: Overestimating Abilities When Booking Swimming Lessons

Overestimating abilities when booking swimming lessons can cause many difficulties further down the line. It could even result in losing out on a booking!

We take all new clients through a series of questions to find their SwimWay stage. Alternatively, our clients will use the stage finder on our website. This helps ascertain what level the student is at.  It is very important for us to ensure our 1:2 and small group lessons are suitably matched.  Not only by age but by abilities too.

The SwimWay Swimming Stages and awards are unique to SwimWay.  They are created to complement our teaching methodology.  It is important for students to be booked into the appropriate SwimWay Stage.  Thus ensuring correct development of swimming skills. It also helps to avoid mismatches in lessons.  It is so important to be conservative and to avoid overestimating a student’s abilities. If you overstate, you may end up with a mismatched lesson. If a mismatched lesson is not manageable, we may have to leave one of the children from the class. At this point our availability is usually extremely limited. While we do everything we can to find alternatives, we may not be able to.

Our reviews will attest to how well our programme works when we book students into correctly matched lessons. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate: Ask!