FAQ: Shadowing & Training For New/Replacement Instructors

SwimWay has an extremely low turnover of staff and tries to ensure you always have the same instructor. However, it is impossible to guarantee this. Teachers inevitably fall ill, leave the company, etc. We will inform you of any changes as soon as possible. This would be for the day, the remaining lesson(s), or the following term. A fully-qualified replacement will then be provided. This is why we put so much time and effort into our shadowing and training programme for new/replacement SwimWay instructors.

swimway instructor training

SwimWay has an extremely thorough training and recruitment process. So we may occasionally have an experienced and certified instructor teaching/shadowing your class. If you are scheduled to have a change of instructor the following term, the shadow/cover instructor may be the new teacher. Something we cannot guarantee, but always endeavour to arrange. This way the children can meet their lovely new instructor before saying goodbye to their old one!

We fully understand that some children have difficulty adjusting to a new face. There may be a bit of a teething period where your child develops a bond with their instructor. This is normal and will help to build trust and confidence in the lessons. Hopefully, you can see how much time and care we take. Ensuring smooth transitions for inevitable changes is incredibly important to us.

Have you been informed of an upcoming change of instructor? Take a look at all our lovely teachers here! Still unsure? Get in touch to discuss our programme for training new instructors further!