FAQ: View Progress And Rebook Lessons Using HomePortal

SwimWay’s Homeportal system allows you to view your child’s progress throughout the term. You can also rebook the same lesson for the following term. This ability to view progress and rebook lessons is an essential service for our clients.

child swimming through a hoop underwater

Throughout every term, all our students are continually assessed according to the SwimWay methodology.  Our instructors record this progress via their HomePortal mobile apps and/or online access.  Our clients can then view this progress using their own logins.

Around half way through every term, we offer our current clients advance priority to rebook the same lesson time/day ahead of when the general bookings open. Many of our clients choose to use the Homeportal system to quickly and easily rebook their lessons for the following term.

Follow these easy steps to sign up:

  1. Goto https://swimway.courseprogress.co.uk/
  2. Click “register now”
  3. Enter your member ID (Your payment reference number as detailed in all booking emails)
  4. Answer security questions (Your postcode + child’s date of birth)
  5. Link any other members who aren’t already listed using their member IDs for group access
  6. Finalise registration by setting the password and activating your account

Once registered and logged in, you will see the user-friendly interface that offers you a few screens:

  • Overview of all bookings for all linked members
  • Each member’s current assessments
  • Settings to change passwords
  • Add people to link any further members

If you have any queries regarding how to view progress and rebook lessons using Homeportal, please contact us here.