FAQ: What Happens If SwimWay Cancels A Class?

We have covered client cancellations in our FAQ “Cancellations, Refunds, Credits & Make-Up Policies“. We have also spoke about SwimWay cancellations in our FAQ “Lesson Cancellations & Substitute Teachers“. Now we thought it would be helpful to delve a little deeper into what happens if SwimWay cancels a class…

Lesson cancellations are always a last resort. We understand the importance of continuity in the classes, so if we can avoid a cancellation, we will. However, sometimes they are unavoidable.

As per our terms and conditions:

If SwimWay Ltd. has to cancel a lesson for any reason other than a Force Majeure Event, a make-up lesson will be provided if available. Otherwise, a refund for that lesson will be paid once the necessary details are provided.  Please note instructor absences with cover provided do not qualify as a lesson cancellation

If SwimWay Ltd. has to cancel a lesson or series of lessons due to a Force Majeure Event (such as, but not limited to, acts of God, pandemics/epidemics or actions of government), credit for any cancellations that occur will be applied to your SwimWay account.  These credits will be available for use for any term-time or holiday courses for up to two years after the cancellation occurs.

We hope this FAQ helps answer any questions you may have regarding what happens if SwimWay cancels a class.

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