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At SwimWay, we understand the importance and benefits of private swimming lessons. There is no better or safer way for a child to learn to swim. However, we are also very much aware of the financial implications these kinds of lessons present to some families. Especially if you have two or more children. This is why we have introduced the “Third Child Discount” for term-time bookings.

three children learning to swim with swimway

Should you have three children booked in with us, we will be happy to apply a discount of 10% off the third child’s booking. This offer can also be extended to friends/relatives and is not limited to siblings. If you book one child with us and arrange for two friends to book with us too, we can offer your child a 10% discount for as long as your friends continue to swim with us.

We also offer this to multiple bookings too! If you have two children swimming with us, and one of them is swimming twice a week, we can discount 10% off one of those bookings. There are several ways of applying this discount, so if you are not sure if you qualify, get in touch to find out!

Please do note the third child discount is currently only available for term-time bookings. Should you wish to book with the third child discount applied, please ensure you enquire when you are booking. We cannot apply the discount for past bookings. Terms and conditions apply.

Click here to contact us and find out more!

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FAQ: SwimWay Swimming School Site Visits https://www.swimway.co.uk/faqs/swimway-site-visits/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/faqs/swimway-site-visits/#respond Mon, 02 Sep 2019 10:34:44 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11576 Many clients ask us to view our facilities before bookings with us. We do our best to make SwimWay venues available for site visits whenever possible.

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Many clients ask us to view our facilities prior to confirming their bookings with us. This is a completely understandable request, and we do our best to make SwimWay venues available for site visits whenever possible.

swimway swimming school pools

Should you be unable to visit the premises prior to your first lesson, we also have excellent images of all our venues posted on our website. Visit our Venues and Availability page, and navigate to your chosen pool to view. You will also find other helpful information such as the ages and stages that are catered for, pool length/depth, temperature, transport options, etc.

In order to view the facilities, we would need to give you the full address of the location. We usually only provide this information once full payment has been received. Thus, we need to put your information into our system for insurance purposes first. We will send you the location address and access instructions once your details have been inputted. Unfortunately, we can only offer site visits during operational hours, and spaces cannot be held in the meantime.

We ask clients who visit the pools to attend 15 or 45 minutes past the hour in order to avoid the busy changeover times between lessons. Additionally, preferably no more than one parent/guardian should attend for the same reason. As our instructors are usually in the water teaching, clients will show themselves in and around. If any teachers are available, feel free to have a chat with them too!

Do you want to organise any SwimWay site visits? Get in touch now to discuss!

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SwimWay Summer Term Photo Competition https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/events-parties/swimway-summer-term-photo-competition/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/events-parties/swimway-summer-term-photo-competition/#respond Mon, 19 Aug 2019 12:31:21 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11512 Last term parents shared photos of their children receiving their awards and medals. These photos were entered into the SwimWay Photo Competition.

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Last term SwimWay ran a fun photo competition for our instructors and clients. Parents were encouraged to take photos of their children receiving awards at the end of the term. If they were so inclined, the parents could then enter their photos into the competition. We offered the winning client a 10% discount off one future booking with SwimWay. The winning instructor would also receive a cash bonus at the end of the term.

So Many Entries!

Naturally, we were inundated with loads of amazing photos! The children get so excited to receive their certificates and badges at the end of the term. Summer term raises even more enthusiasm with the yearly summer medals that are awarded, so you can understand how many happy faces there were!

We were absolutely delighted with the lovely images sent through.  It not only makes for a fun competition for the clients and instructors, but the kids also love it too!  It was an incredibly difficult choice, but eventually, we had to narrow the twenty or so photos down.

Difficult Choices

There were many factors at play in choosing the winning images.  Most importantly permission from parents, as well as ensuring photo and protection policies were in line.  However image quality also played a large role – we got a couple of images that were stunning, but we couldn’t choose them as they were of a very low resolution, unfortunately.

And The Winners Are…

After much debate, we finally made a decision and had to choose TWO winning images as they were both so great!

Our sincerest thanks to all the other fantastic entries we had. The runners-up can be seen below. All absolutely stunning images as you can see! It was such a difficult decision! We can’t wait to have another competition soon!

Congratulations to the clients and instructors who won the SwimWay Photo Competition!

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3 Reasons To Join The SwimWay Pre-Term Summer Holiday Course https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/holiday-swimming-lessons/3-reasons-pre-term-summer-holiday-course/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/holiday-swimming-lessons/3-reasons-pre-term-summer-holiday-course/#respond Mon, 12 Aug 2019 11:04:42 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11480 There are many reasons why you should swim in any holiday course, but the pre-term summer holiday course has some unique benefits. Here are three of them...

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The SwimWay Summer Holiday Courses have become more and more popular as the years go by. We used to run only three courses over the summer break at the end of July and beginning of August. However as demand increased, we realised many clients were very interested in a course just before the start of the Autumn Term. Hence the introduction of the pre-term Summer Holiday Course.

young child running on a beach

There are many reasons why you should swim in any holiday course, but the pre-term course has some excellent unique benefits. Here are three of them…

Revision After A Long Break

The long gap between the Summer and Autumn Terms means that some children can experience some regression in the things they have learnt. The pre-term course helps them revise and sharpen their skills and technique so when they start the term, they can hit the ground running.

This can be especially true in a 1:2 lesson. If one child has spent the summer swimming and the other hasn’t, a mismatch can occur. This is usually more than manageable, and within a few lessons, the kids are back on their path. However, if the child who didn’t have much opportunity to swim joins the pre-term holiday course, they can start the term with confidence!

Correcting Bad Habits

Following on from the point above, if a child has spent an entire summer swimming recreationally, confidence/regression will not be an issue. However, what can start to develop are a few bad habits as they steer away from certain foundation skills that they have learnt. This is in no way an issue – swimming is meant to be fun! They should have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a pool or the sea safely and happily! But a pre-term holiday course will help with some stroke correction and technique development before their regular weekly lessons begin. All the while still having fun!

A Final Summer Activity

Let’s not forget that while September can provide a few lovely days, August is pretty much the end of summer. September brings with it school and heralds the beginning of Autumn and soon the cold, dark days of winter!

The pre-term holiday course is a fun final summer activity for the children to enjoy before they get back to school and responsibilities! SwimWay swimming lessons are always a fun break from the world (for both children and parents).

Take a final opportunity this summer to join us for one last course!


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SwimWay Summer Party Weekend! https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/events-parties/swimway-summer-party-weekend/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/events-parties/swimway-summer-party-weekend/#respond Sun, 21 Jul 2019 11:55:50 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11396 Facilities Manager Ana Veronica had a treat for the SwimWay Summer Party. A trip to Denbies Winery for delicious wine, beautiful views, and tasty food!

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A couple of months back, the team received an email they were all eagerly anticipating… The SwimWay Summer Party announcement! As usual, the SwimWay Facilities Manager Ana Veronica Pastor had planned and put into action a wonderful treat for everyone. This year’s party took us to Denbies Wine Estate for a lovely summer evening of delicious wine, beautiful views, and tasty food!

Pre-Party River Boating

Prior to the party on Saturday 13th July, the office team decided to warm things up on the sunny Friday afternoon. A cheeky trip along the Thames with a few drinks and snacks courtesy of GoBoat Kingston. It was an amazing little journey along the river up to Hampton Court Palace to celebrate the hard work the office team has put in through the year.

The instructors are rightly the face of the company, providing the finest swimming instruction London has to offer. However, our friendly office team is just as important, managing the venues, teams, and schedules to ensure smooth sailings throughout each term. SwimWay M.D. Dan Pastor thought it would be an excellent opportunity not only to reward the hard work but also for some team bonding!

Capt. Dan Pastor – the perfect opportunity for a metaphor about steering the company through choppy waters! Anyone?

Party Time!

Then on Saturday, the big day arrived! The entire team, joined by the lovely East Sheen Gordon Avenue pool owners Helen and Duncan, met at the SwimWay offices. From there, we were transported by bus to Denbies. A fun trip which started building everyone’s anticipation!

Upon arrival, we found that the bus was a touch too large to make it all the way to the entrance. Not a problem on a sunny summer evening! The short walk to the entrance helped stretch the legs after the journey.

Canapés & Bubbly

The Denbies team were lovely! They took excellent care of us throughout the evening. Starting with a fun “train ride” up to a beautiful viewpoint where canapes were served along with some delicious bubbly! This is what a SwimWay Summer Party is all about!

Winery Tour & Tasting

The train then took us back to the main venue. Spirits were high as we started a short but interesting tour of the winery. The guide was full of silly, but funny jokes and kept everyone entertained as well as educated!

Following the tour, the team was lucky enough to have a tasting session. Our guide poured samples from six different wines while explaining the history and processes behind each one. More education and entertainment!

The Award Ceremony

Once everyone was on their final samples, Dan took the stage to talk… He spoke about how proud he was of the team this year. It has been an uncertain year this country with Brexit on the horizon. We have only managed to navigate these trying times with the support of our amazing team. This is why Dan likes to show the team our appreciation for their hard work with the staff and instructor of the year awards.

Staff member of the year went to Alexander King. Having joined the company just over a year ago, Alexander has proven himself an incredibly valuable member of the office team. He took to the work with very little difficulty and had no trouble bonding with everyone in the office. On top of this, he took on some teaching shifts as well and quickly became a firm favourite among our clients. A well-deserved award!

Staff Member of the year – Alexander

Instructors of the year was also awarded to two newer team members – Roberta Contegreco and Jorge Alonso. Roberta and Jorge also started with us about a year ago. They made an instant impression not only on the students and parents but the office team too. Quick to help, respond to queries, always happy to help and go above and beyond their day-to-day duties. These are the types of people SwimWay strives to employ, and keep with us for years to come. Thank you Roberta and Jorge!

Instructors of the year – Roberta and Jorge

Food, Wine & Festive Cheer

As with most SwimWay Summer Parties, the evening culminated with a delicious meal in the Denbies restaurant, washed down with their lovely wine. The service was top-class and supported the festive atmosphere.

Alas, however, all good things must come to an end. The team was then taken back to the office via the party bus with music, singing and festive cheer! A truly unforgettable evening with excellent people.

Our heartfelt thanks once again to Dan, Ana Veronica, GoBoat and Denbies for a fantastic SwimWay Summer Party Weekend!

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Past SwimWay Clients Getting In Touch With Stories To Tell https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/general-swimway-updates/past-clients-getting-in-touch/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/general-swimway-updates/past-clients-getting-in-touch/#respond Wed, 10 Jul 2019 11:37:04 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11307 Past clients getting in touch years after they have left us brings smiles to faces! It is so special, especially for the instructor they were swimming with.

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At SwimWay, we put so much time and effort into helping our students become better. It is an incredibly rewarding experience watching the children grow and flourish into strong and capable swimmers. Some students stay with us for many years. So when the time is right, it is always sad to see them move on. But we know the best thing for their progression is to move to a larger venue and/or a swim club.

So, when a past client gets in touch years after they have left us, it always brings smiles to faces!  From time to time an old client will contact us with photos or videos of their children swimming.  This is always special, especially for the instructor who taught them.

Fun Photos

One of our past clients got in touch with us to share this fantastic image. Her SwimWay graduates, beaming with pride after representing Wandsworth Swimming Club in a recent Gala this year! She also sent pics of the kids looking happy and healthy at a Guildford qualifying gala in Dec 2018. Lovely!

The instructor Ernie used to swim with was Dan Pastor, and he was so chuffed to receive the news! You can see Dan in the featured image of this post above – obviously very proud of himself!

Both Olivia and Ernie competed at the Surrey Age Group Championships this year. Olivia came 6th in the 400m individual medley in the 13-year-old category (aged 12 years). Ernie competed in all 50m stroke races in the 10 & 11-year-old category. Had there been a 10-year-old category, he would have come 4th in 2 races and 6th in another!

Speedy Videos

Another one of our past clients also got in touch a while back. They shared this fantastic video of her child (lane 3) swimming at a recent Kent Schools Swimming Association Event!

The instructor was once again Dan, who was beaming ear to ear when he got the email! Her full report follows:

“Both our kids learned to swim with SwimWay until we moved in 2015. I always remember our instructor Dan telling me to put our son in for competitive swimming as soon as he was 7. It took a little bit longer than that (it had to come from him), but he started last year for our local club having swum for his current school. He absolutely loves it!

It has been a great first year competing, being selected to swim for his school and club at all sorts of events, including the National Arena League. He also qualified for the Kent County Championships and made the finals for quite a few races and helped to secure two silver team relay medals.

He has just qualified for the 50m Freestyle event at the South East Regionals in May and has been selected for the 2019 Kent County Development Pathway Programme. Not bad for his first year, and only just 11!

Who knows where it will go and whether the training will become too much (12+ hours a week). But for now, he loves it. I just wanted to say thank you, as I think you gave him such a great start and really helped to promote enthusiasm, confidence and love for swimming.”

Our thanks to the past clients who got in touch and gave us permission to share these images and video! It’s so lovely to hear when we have had such a positive impact on our students. We could not be prouder!

Are you a past client with a story to tell? Get in touch and put a smile on your previous instructor’s face!

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FAQ: Cancellations, Refunds, Credits & Make-Up Policies https://www.swimway.co.uk/faqs/cancellations-refunds-credits-makeup/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/faqs/cancellations-refunds-credits-makeup/#respond Wed, 03 Jul 2019 11:38:54 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11234 SwimWay has strict policies for cancellations, refunds, credits and make-ups. Our Ts&Cs are on our website, and we encourage clients review before booking.

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SwimWay has strict policies when it comes to cancellations, refunds, credits and make-up lessons. Our website contains full company terms and conditions here. We actively encourage all our clients to read and review these in full before booking.

However, we understand reading through all the terms can leave one feeling a little overwhelmed. This is why we make as much effort as possible to draw attention to a few of our conditions. We do this by putting together handy FAQ pages such as this one, or our recent ones about booking restrictions and potential mismatches. We also point certain terms out on the phone, and in all email communications. It is extremely important to us to ensure our clients are fully aware of our terms and conditions.

cancellations refunds credits make-up

Make-Up Lessons

We have a strict no make-up lesson policy in place for many reasons, but three of the most important are:

  1. We have to pay for the instructor’s time, regardless of the student’s attendance
  2. Pool hire fees are payable, regardless of the student’s attendance
  3. The majority of our venues are at capacity, and cannot accommodate any further bookings

Those booked into a 1:1 lesson with a friend/relative with a child who can swim in your place are welcome to do so. However, we will need the full details of the child added to our database prior to the lesson for insurance purposes.


We do allow for cancellations dependent on the circumstances. We do not wish to charge a client for a full term/course if they are not going to attend. Indeed, the instructor themselves would much rather have a student in the lesson than not. Nevertheless, we still need to ensure we do not end up running lessons at a loss, or losing a booking that is no longer sellable due to demand having diminished.

Some of the more frequent situations are detailed below, but our policies are not restricted to those detailed below, and come with certain conditions applied. We strongly advise you reviewed our terms for more details on anything listed below.

Term-Time Cancellations

  1. If you notify us of your desire to cancel within 7 days of booking
  2. New clients or current clients who experience a change of instructor at the beginning of the term
  3. Clients who do not fall under the above categories may be able to cancel should we or they be able to sell their space to a new client
  4. Advance notice of long-term sickness that affects a period of 6 consecutive lessons

Holiday Course Cancellations

  1. If you notify us of your desire to cancel within 7 days of booking, but not within 14 days of the course starting
  2. Between 7 days of booking, and 14 days of the course starting, cancellations will only receive a 50% refund
  3. No cancellations are accepted from 14 days prior to the course start, unless a replacement client is found

Refunds & Credits

Refunds are provided via bank transfer or card should you have made a card payment.  Card refunds can only be processed for the same term that the payment has been made for.  Please contact the office to arrange the refund to your card.

If you made payment via bank transfer, will also need to contact the office with your banking details: Bank Name, Account Holder Name, Sort Code and Account Number.  For security purposes, please do not provide any banking or card details via email.

child swimming underwater

We do hope this helps to understand our policies regarding cancellations, refunds, credits and make-up lessons a little better. Again, we strongly advise thoroughly reviewing our terms and conditions in full. Should you have any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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New SwimWay Website Is Just The Beginning https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/general-swimway-updates/new-swimway-website/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/general-swimway-updates/new-swimway-website/#respond Sat, 01 Jun 2019 16:33:22 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11036 Two weeks ago we released our brand new website and we immediately felt the impact. Our online presence and services have been significantly improved.

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Two weeks ago we released the brand new SwimWay website! We immediately felt the impact that it had on our business. Clients have been finding the contact form and availability pages far more user-friendly. Potential partners have located our services with ease. Our online presence and services have been significantly improved.

exploring the new swimway website
Our Finance Manager, Cheryl, taking a look at our handy “Venues & Availability” page

Web Design Company

The planning of the new site began way back in September 2018. We spoke to several different web design companies, receiving different quotes and proposals. After much back and forth, we decided to go with a company called Digital Arm to handle the redesign.

Like SwimWay, Digital Arm puts a huge emphasis on personal service. They take immense pride in working with their clients from start to finish to ensure needs are met and a creative vision is brought to life. We could not be happier with what they have done, and are excited to continue working with them over the course of the next year.

Planning & Execution

Once we made the decision to work with Digital Arm, we put plans on hold for a few months to focus on finishing the year and scheduling in the work to start in 2019. Our (highly pedantic) Operations Manager, Will McCabe, took the reins of the project and worked closely with Digital Arm to ensure our expectations were realised.


The extremely helpful blog redesign, FAQ page, and general speed and accessibility improvements were just a start. The main focus was to create a more user-friendly interface for our clients. The 3-step booking request system was a massive improvement on our previous setup. This includes:

Our updated Find Your Stage questionnaire ensures you are looking for the correct age and stage for your child. Our new venue pages provide you with all the information you need to decide which of the locations is most suitable for your needs. The booking request form is simple to use and provides us with instant access to vital information.

swimway staff here to help
Get in touch to find out more about SwimWay!

The Future

Of course, there are improvements to be made. We know that presenting our availability in PDF form is not adequate. Over the coming months, we will be working hard to cut the PDF availability sheets out completely, and introduce a single-page booking request form that presents our clients with all the available spaces suitable for their child. All that you will need to do is select your preferred spaces, input your information, and submit. We will do the rest.

Beyond that, we hope to develop this further into a custom-built online booking system. No more “requesting a booking”! We want to be able to offer you the ability to simply book online. One step at a time though. We are taking things slowly to ensure we can continue to correctly match 1:2 lessons, as well as provide our expected high level of customer service.

Watch this space, there are exciting things to come…

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FAQ: Parking Restrictions During Wimbledon Tennis Tournament https://www.swimway.co.uk/faqs/faq-parking-restrictions-wimbledon/ https://www.swimway.co.uk/faqs/faq-parking-restrictions-wimbledon/#respond Sat, 01 Jun 2019 15:13:48 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=11026 During the Wimbledon Tournament, parking is not permitted close to our Wimbledon/Southfields venue. Lessons will continue as normal during this time.

The post FAQ: Parking Restrictions During Wimbledon Tennis Tournament appeared first on SwimWay.

For two weeks every July, a large portion of the London populace heads to Wimbledon for one of the world’s most celebrated Tennis Tournaments. It is an amazing, vibrant time throughout the area. Spirits are high and it is a perfect example of how beautiful this city can be during the summer months.

Of course, the tournament does bring with it some logistical difficulties. One being major parking restrictions that come into play in Wimbledon and it’s surrounding areas. These restrictions do have an effect on our venue in Wimbledon/Southfields (SW19 6HW).

The roads close to this venue will not be available for parking during the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. Note that restrictions are enforced during the tournament dates only, but signs will be posted before the tournament starts.

Our lessons will continue as normal for the two weeks during the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

We are unable to offer any make-ups/refunds/credits for any missed lessons.  Only Wimbledon residents with assigned parking permits are able to park in the area during the tournament. For more information about the parking restrictions in Wimbledon, and to see if you qualify, please click here.

Many of our clients are unaffected as they live in the area and walk to the venue anyway. Those who drive usually choose to take public transport. Bus 39 will drop you off at Smithwood Close – a stone’s throw from the location. Another option would be JustPark – a handy service for local residents who rent out their parking spaces.

child learning to swim with swimway

We do hope this information helps! For those booked into our lessons during the summer, we wish you wonderful sunny months ahead! Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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SwimWay Summer Term 2019 Team Training https://www.swimway.co.uk/blog/team-training/swimway-summer-term-2019-team-training/ Fri, 03 May 2019 13:31:50 +0000 https://www.swimway.co.uk/?p=10843 On 28 April, the team was again together for the termly team training to swap ideas, resolve issues, and undergo the health & safety course.

The post SwimWay Summer Term 2019 Team Training appeared first on SwimWay.


On Sunday 28th April, the entire SwimWay team was once again brought together for the termly team training session. This is an excellent opportunity for the team to meet, exchange ideas, resolve issues, and undergo the health and safety refresher course.

Specialist SwimWay health and safety consultant David Perry took one half of the group through the refresher course and SwimWay Health & Safety policies and procedures. Meanwhile, SwimWay MD Dan Pastor and Head of Swimming Tamsin Watt took the staff through operational matters.

Health & Safety Training

Dave split his group into two teams and ran a competitive question-and-answer session based around the SwimWay NOP and EOP. With the prize of chocolates going to the winning team, stakes were high! Topics included:

  • Emergency Calls – number to ring, things to say
  • Severe bleed to foot (MAJOR EMERGENCY) – procedures
  • Nosebleed (MINOR EMERGENCY) – procedure
  • Vomit or faeces in the pool
  • Diarrhoea in the pool (MAJOR/ADDITIONAL EMERGENCY) – procedure

Following this, Dave took the team through the practical CPR refresher course on the following categories of manikin:

  • Adult Sudden Collapse
  • Child
  • Infant

Operational Meeting

Dan opened by taking the team through his vision for the summer term and beyond. He broke some great news about new SwimWay venues that we hope to open next year, so watch this space! Then he explained the positive impact this would have on the operation and team, and how it would affect the current business model.

He went on to discuss each instructor’s obligations when in the employ of SwimWay. Touching upon emergency and ordinary procedures that would be covered in more detail with Dave Perry. He also reminded them about how important it is to work closely with the booking team, and creating a routine when it comes to the admin aspect of their work.

He then introduced the two new team members Sara Lagana and Kasia Janicka. While SwimWay has a very low turnover, we do see new blood enter the team from time to time. Thus, this term we have these two amazing new talents who will be the backbone behind our new Clapham Common Pool!

Tamsin started her part of the meeting by reminding the team about the SwimWay Child Protection Policy. The child protection course is mandatory for every instructor to complete. SwimWay keeps records of these certificates, ensuring everyone is always up-to-date.

She highlighted the importance of being a team player, and going above and beyond to ensure we are the best team we can be. She used The Kensington Head Coach and Site Manager David Ashton as a good example. Last term we lost our cleaner at this venue just before the Easter Courses began. It took us two weeks to find a suitable replacement, and during this time, David took on cleaning duties at Kensington with no hesitation whatsoever. It is this type of commitment and care that we value in our team. Way to go Davo!

Tamsin took the team through various ideas of how we can continue to grow as a team:

  • Be prepared for any situation
  • Take responsibility
  • Create a warm and healthy environment
  • Work on lesson planning, and remember to be adaptable
  • Communication is key!

Once the meeting reached its end, a few team pictures were snapped before everyone headed to the local for a quick drink and a friendly catch up. It is so important for us to take advantage of these meetings where everyone is together. As a result, a friendly atmosphere between staff members always influences the environment at our venues!


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