SwimWay Assessments And Awards Weeks

Throughout every term, all our students are continually assessed according to the SwimWay methodology.  Our instructors record this progress via their HomePortal mobile apps and/or online access.  The office staff have access to this information, and can keep up to date on each child’s progress. This will ensure correct matches for future 1:2 lesson bookings according to instructor and client feedback.

Every term, we have a formal assessment period where each child’s progress is assessed. This assessment is based on what stage they have been working toward during the term. The instructor will take the children through the skills to develop and pass criteria of the stage. This will tell them whether the student will pass the stage, or receive a pass criteria badge.

It is a fun week for the children. As we are continuously assessing them throughout the term, it is more about having an opportunity to reward their hard work.

Once the assessments are completed, the office staff double check and correct the work.  This is then handed to our lovely administrative team. They then spend a long weekend writing out over 1000 certificates for each and every child!

Then on the second last week of term, the certificates and badges are given to all the children!  The kids love these awards, and it gives them a little incentive to push themselves a little further every term.  At the end of the Summer Term, we also award the children SwimWay medals. There were a HUGE hit when we introduced them this past summer.

Don’t forget of course that all our parents also have access to their children’s progress via the Parents Online HomePortal.  Register now, and you will be able to watch as your little swimmer flourishes!