3 Benefits Of Starting Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons Early

At SwimWay we offer parent & baby swimming lessons from the age of 3 months. Introducing a child to the water is extremely beneficial. This enables them to learn basic skills and water confidence while becoming comfortable with the environment. Below are just 3 of the benefits of starting parents and baby swimming lessons early.

baby confidently swimming underwater

1. Safety

Many young swimmers are fearless of the water and it is amazing to see. However, this can also cause parents to worry. Thus, many of our clients enrol in parent & baby swimming lessons. Teaching a baby or toddler the basics is extremely important. Buoyancy and submersions, exiting and entering the pool and simple life-saving skills are just a start of their learning journey with us. With these abilities, you can feel more confident about being with your baby around water.

2. A Good Start

By starting early you and your baby can get used to the environment and learn to build those important skills. Swimming from a young age is not only fun but it helps to encourage the child to continue to improve and enjoy their swimming. This can lead to faster progression when they begin learning technique. Having the parent in the water helps ease the transition for young children into swimming lessons and kicks off a healthy, swim-filled life!

3. Bonding With Your Baby

One of the major benefits of these lessons is the opportunity for bonding with your child. Not only will you and your child share the experience, but trust will be built as you help support your baby in the water. As a parent, you will watch your babies skills develop and can be proud of their accomplishments. Our small group parent & baby swimming lessons offer a great social element without being too busy or overwhelming.

Small group parent and baby swimming lessons run for half an hour for children aged 3 – 36 months in warm, private pools.

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