The SwimWay teaching methodology combines the best aspects of different approaches to swimming instruction, all in line with the ASA, STA, NPTS and other international equivalent programme guidelines

The SwimWay programme has been developed using a combination of skills obtained from many countries throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Brazil. The most important aspects of our classes are lesson quality, teachers’ enthusiasm, and the methodology that has been developed and implemented.  Of course, the environment and water quality/temperature also play an enormous factor in students’ progress.

Because SwimWay specialises in 1:1 and 1:2 lessons, the children receive full, direct support inside the water from their teacher.  This allows them to use only a kickboard as a floatation device without sacrificing any safety measures.  Other swim schools often use backpacks, shark wings and noodles which inevitably delay the learning process.

A good programme will work on fundamentals such as breath control, buoyancy, body position, gliding and correct leg kick action before introducing the full stroke. Students that are given the correct core elements will thrive, and become good swimmers.

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