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SwimWay Holiday Swimming Tips

May 14, 2024

Holiday swimming tips from SwimWay, ensuring safety & fun during your aquatic experiences. Boost confidence & enjoy swimming on holiday!

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Emergency First Aid Training for SwimWay Instructors

May 13, 2024

SwimWay ensures safety beyond the poolside with emergency first aid training three times per year at the beginning of every term.

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Mastering Breaststroke: The SwimWay Methodology

May 13, 2024

Mastering Breaststroke: The SwimWay Methodology. Intricacies of this stroke help instructors empower their students with grace & precision!

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Summer Term Operational Meeting

May 13, 2024

In the Summer Term Operational Meeting, we celebrated milestones, discussed operational efficiency & reaffirmed our commitment to excellence!

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SwimWay Summer Term 2024 Instructor Training

May 13, 2024

At SwimWay, we prioritise excellence and safety in every aspect of our operations. Our recent Summer Term 2024 Instructor Training…

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Introducing The New SwimWay Parent & Baby Programme

April 23, 2024

Join the New SwimWay Parent & Baby Programme as we revolutionise parent and baby swimming lessons with creativity, safety, and fun.

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SwimWay Priority Bookings: Secure a Prime-Time Slot with a Holiday Course

April 19, 2024

We do our best to secure our clients their preferred lesson times. If you book a holiday course you’re included in SwimWay Priority Bookings.

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SwimWay’s Inaugural STA Accredited Award Course

February 21, 2024

Our first-ever collaborative STA Accredited Award Course, helping create a safer and more skilled community of teachers AND swimmers.

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Kick Start Summer Fun at SwimWay’s Newly Built Kew Gardens Pool!

February 16, 2024

On Windsor Road, TW9 2EL, the new SwimWay Kew Gardens Pool opens its doors on Monday, 22nd April 2024, just in time for the summer term.

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First Aid Training for Swimming Teachers: Ensuring Safety in Every Stroke

January 25, 2024

Our experienced trainer, David Ashton, continues to equip the team with essential skills to respond effectively in emergency situations.

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