Health & Safety

At SwimWay we make health and safety a major priority in the way we run the company and our lessons

When dealing with swimming lessons for all ages and abilities it is extremely important to put safety first, and we do exactly that.  It would be more cost effective for our company to run lessons with larger groups of children.  However, health and safety and lesson quality are so important to us that we keep all our classes as 1:1 or 1:2 lessons.  This allows our instructors to focus fully on each child’s safety and needs within the lessons.

At the beginning of every term, we have our specialised health and safety trainer Dave Perry run a first aid refresher course.  This covers CPR and other emergency training as well as operational procedures.  This is far more than is legally required, but you cannot put a price on children's safety.  We also follow strict safeguarding procedures to ensure we maintain the welfare of our students.

With around 20 years experience in the leisure industry, including his previous roles as Leisure Centre Manager and STA Regional Development Officer, Dave Perry now runs his own training company Aquatic Training Courses.  Providing a range of training courses for the leisure industry covering lifesaving, first aid, swimming teaching and pool plant operator courses.  He brings a professional eye and mind to the health and safety concerns of our swim school.

Another imperative addition to the team is David Ashton, our Health & Safety Consultant.  Along with his duties as instructor and site manager, David has updated SwimWay's entire health & safety operational procedures.  He continues with regular pool visits to ensure our sites are up to spec.  David is the eyes and ears of our health and safety awareness, keeping us at the forefront of your and your children’s safety during our lessons.

An Endorsement of SwimWay’s Commitment to Health & Safety

May 27, 2020

I was highly impressed with the commitment to health and safety at SwimWay. It goes over and above standards set by other swim schools I have come across.

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Spring Term 2020 – SwimWay Instructor Training

January 20, 2020

On 11th January, the team had the termly instructor training meeting to touch base, have a rundown of the term ahead and a Health & Safety refresher.

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SwimWay STA Safety Award Training 2019

December 5, 2019

Every term SwimWay instructors have health & safety refresher courses. In addition to these they also undergo Safety Award Training course every two years.

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SwimWay Autumn Term 2019 Team Training

September 19, 2019

On the first Sunday of every term, the SwimWay Team has an afternoon of training. A valued part of the SwimWay ethos, contributing to our drive to improve.

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SwimWay Summer Term 2019 Team Training

May 3, 2019

On 28 April, the team was again together for the termly team training to swap ideas, resolve issues, and undergo the health & safety course.

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SwimWay Spring Term 2019 Team H&S Training

January 28, 2019

At the start of every term, the entire SwimWay team meets for the team meeting and health and safety training for best operational and safety practices.

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SwimWay Autumn Term 2018 Team H&S Training

September 25, 2018

On Sunday 9th September, the team met up for its termly staff meeting. An opportunity to discuss ideas, resolve issues and run the health and safety course.

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SwimWay Team Health & Safety Training – Summer Term 2018

April 30, 2018

In this term’s team meeting, the usual even split into two groups was made to ensure more focus and attention on individual needs in the sessions.

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SwimWay Team Health & Safety Training – Spring Term 2018

January 16, 2018

Your children deserve highly trained, experienced instructors who know how to react quickly and professionally to any and all situations.

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SwimWay Instructor Training: Safety Award for Teachers

December 8, 2017

Along with our thrice-yearly H&S training, SwimWay instructors also undergo the legally obligated biennial safety award training.

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