Creative Teaching Workshop with Alberto Baggio

Swimming instruction is not merely about swimming lessons; it’s a journey into creativity and innovative teaching methodologies. In a recent highlight of the Instructor Training Meeting, Alberto Baggio, a key figure in our Training & Development team, took centre stage in a vibrant Creative Teaching Workshop. His expertise and insights transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, setting the tone for an exciting and enriching term of learning and growth. Alberto’s presentation infused the team with inspiration and a renewed focus on delivering engaging and impactful swimming lessons.

Exploring Creative Teaching: A Paradigm Shift

Alberto posed a crucial question to our instructors: How can we make lessons more engaging? He emphasized that the manner in which we teach is as vital as the content itself. Framing, Alberto stressed, is the key. To illustrate this point, he encouraged instructors to see themselves not just as swimming teachers but as:

  • CEOs of themselves
  • Water experts
  • Child psychologists
  • Well-being promoters
  • Physical educators
  • Fun creators
The Power of Framing: Transforming Perceptions

How we present ourselves, equipment, or activities can profoundly influence how children perceive them. Instructors can elevate engagement, making lessons more exciting and varied. For instance, turning front crawl arms into “catch a fish, catch a bird” or backstroke arms into “paint the ceiling” adds a touch of creativity to routine exercises.

Creating Dynamic Activities: Entertaining and Appropriate

Alberto emphasized that every activity should be entertaining, dynamic, and age-appropriate. Instructors can frame actions and reactions to enhance engagement. For example, converting a child’s reluctance to get in the water into a game that gradually transitions from poolside to water, transforming the swimming pool into a playground.

Songs, Storytelling, and the Art of Enjoyable Learning

In the world of creative teaching, Alberto introduced the power of songs, associations of ideas, and storytelling. These elements enhance the activity’s enjoyment, strengthen the bond with pupils, simplify explanations, and make teaching more effective and memorable.

As Alberto concluded the workshop, he left instructors with a valuable life lesson: If you feel like you look silly, remember this—no one cares! The ultimate goal is to do what’s best for our pupils. Instructors at SwimWay are not just teachers; they are facilitators of memorable and impactful learning experiences.

The Creative Teaching Workshop was not merely an event; it was a call to embrace creativity, redefine teaching paradigms, and foster an environment where engaging lessons are the norm. As the term unfolds, the SwimWay team is ready to dive into these creative waters, making every lesson a captivating adventure for our students.

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