Children’s Swimming Lessons

3 Reasons To Continue With Swimming Lessons Over Autumn

autumn term swimming

This Autumn we have experienced the biggest spike in bookings for this period ever. Our lessons are in huge demand, and in Kensington we have more bookings than we did in Summer!
This is unusual as generally our Summer Term is the busiest season for obvious reasons: Sunshine and holidays…

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Private Swimming Lessons for Children’s Safety & Development

Swimming, is an essential life-skill that all children should learn at an early stage. There are numerous advantages in learning swimming that will enable your kids to enjoy the pool all through child-hood and into adult-hood. It is not only good for their health; it might someday save their life.

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Learning To Swim – A Necessary Life Skill

Swimming is great fun, an excellent way to stay healthy and a relaxing leisure activity but it is also an important life skill. So what is a Life Skill, why is it necessary to learn how to swim.Unicef defines a Life Skill as: “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable

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