SwimWay Pre-Club Swimming Lessons

SwimWay provides children’s pre-club swimming lessons at our 20m training pool in East Sheen Home Guard on weekday evenings. These classes are specifically for children aged 8 years and up, working towards SwimWay Stage 06 and above. This means they must be able to do front crawl, back stroke & breast stroke to a good standard. Additionally, they will need a good dolphin kick with an understanding of butterfly arms.


Our 20m Home Guard training pool is perfect for these small group classes for advanced level child swimmers. The sessions emphasise correct stroke technique. They also work on stamina and speed in a more social setting than our 1:1 and 1:2 lessons. Sessions cover correct starts, finishes and turns and utilise a variety of equipment such as fins, bands, kickboards and pull buoys. Coaches teach from outside of the water, but are on hand to jump in to show correct form if required.

Pre-Club VS Club

We originally started our pre-club classes to bridge the gap between children’s swimming lessons and the ‘club’ environment. Children moving up into a club setting sometimes become overwhelmed with the longer/more intense training sessions and lose interest. Clubs also have a much higher coach to child ratio and are less focussed on correcting technique. It is good for the children to learn how to hold technique at speed over a longer distance before advancing into club swimming. This helps to avoid regression at the next level.

However, many children who enjoy swimming but do not wish to move onto club come to these sessions to continue learning alongside their peers! If you or your child is interested, and is currently swimming in SwimWay 1:1/1:2 lessons, check with your instructor to see if they are ready to join pre-club. If they are ready, for a reasonable SwimWay lesson membership fee with the club, you can book with us now!

It is important to note these groups are not ‘club’ training sessions as we are not registered as a swimming club – they are designed to prepare the children for moving into club swimming. Ensuring the children are happy and comfortable is a priority for us.

If you are interested in booking into our children’s pre-club swimming lessons with SwimWay, get in touch today!