Parent & Baby Lessons

The SwimWay parent & baby lessons programme has been developed through many years of consistent experience and learning from all over the world


For our parent & baby lessons, we initially book according to age groups (3-9, 9-18, 18-24 and 24-36 months). However, we certainly do take into consideration previous swimming experience.  If after the first lesson our instructors think a different class will be a better fit, then we will contact you to discuss.

SwimWay parent and baby lessons are a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to swimming.  Additionally, they are a fun social activity for you both.  Through a series of different techniques, the children will learn various skills.  These include water confidence and safety, understanding water movement, submersions and breath control, flotations, correct kicking and basic arm movement.  There is a controlled, focussed approach in the small classes. Not to mention, lots of opportunity for bonding between adult and baby.

The classes are progressive with a strong emphasis for the children to have fun, while developing several important factors including:
  • Water safety and awareness

  • Physical development (muscular, neurological, cardio vascular, coordination, motor skills)

  • Speech and language skills

  • Bonding for both baby and adult

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Adult self-assurance, supporting the baby in and around water

  • Learning skills (sharing, taking turns, following instructions)

  • Gentle exercise and social activity for new mums

Phase 1

Conditioning & adjusting to the water environment

Skills to Develop:

  • Breath control (1, 2, 3 water poured over head, eyes closed)
  • Front floating buoyancy (forward dip)
  • Back floating (shoulder/2 handed support)
  • Introducing holding techniques
  • Submersions (aim for 3 happy submersions)
  • Safe pool entry and exit for adult with baby
  • Manually assisted kicking

Pass Criteria:

  • Water over head (eyes closed, breath control)
  • Reaching for the side/steps
  • Front floating independently
  • Back floating 2 handed support
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5