Quality Control

A unique programme that focuses on each student's individual needs and abilities.  Constant training, supervision and development

At SwimWay, we take the quality of our swimming lessons and instructors very seriously.  We have developed our own programme.  This focuses on each student's individual needs and abilities.  Thus supporting our 1:1, 1:2 and small group lesson structures.  These are created specifically to focus on the individual within the class.

Our Head of Swimming, Tamsin Watt, is one of the most experienced teachers in the industry.  She takes on a quality control/training role along with her other duties.  She makes routine weekly visits to our locations.  In these visits, she examines instructors’ lesson plans and teaching styles.  Thus helping to improve, learn from, and develop our team.  This way our team continues to be the best that London has to offer.

Another way we ensure good quality is in our health and safety practices.  Our coaches have health and safety courses at the beginning of each swim term.  These are run by our health and safety trainer, David Perry.  This is more regular than legally required.  We feel this is necessary to ensure up to date and safe teaching practices.  We also have our health and safety consultant, David Ashton, regularly inspecting the facilities and classes.

The continuous review of our swimming programme, as well as constant instructor training, sustains our ongoing improvement.  It is vital to our success as a business.  We are incredibly proud of what we have created here, and constantly aim for better practices and results.