Adult Lessons

Please note we currently only offer public adult lessons at our Home Guard venue.  All other options are for residents/members only at private clubs


SwimWay provides adult lessons that are suitable for a wide range of skillsets. Ranging from absolute beginners through to advanced level swimmers. We can even cater for triathlon training programmes. Continuing our specialised methodology of 1:1, 1:2 and small group classes, our adult lessons provide precise tutoring.  Thus ensuring a more personal lesson, with more individual attention to the students.

We guarantee only the highest standard of lessons.  Lesson types are broken down into three main categories:


Adult Beginner

Adult beginner classes are separated into two sections:

  • Beginner 1 (Not very confident, introducing basic swimming skills and confidence)
  • Beginner 2 (Able to swim 10m, even if it is without any discernible technique, working on confidence and strokes)

The beginner classes will focus on three main important elements:

  • Being Comfortable in the Water: One of the most important first steps in learning to swim is comfortably putting your face in the water. Gradually we will teach you how to hold your breath in order to submerge the whole head in the water.
  • Floating: We will practice floating with your face down in the water and also on your back. At this point we will also practice rotation and submersion in the water.
  • Kicking and sculling: Once you are comfortable with putting your face in the water we will practice how to move forward and backwards through the water using your arms and legs. We will practice these in the shallow and the deep ends of the pool.