Children's Lessons

Our children's lessons award system & teaching methodology provides progressive, individual-focused and fun swimming lessons for our students


The SwimWay children’s lessons award system is built with a 10 level structure.  With roots in the STA and NPTS systems, we have further developed this programme.  As a result, it is our own unique approach to work more consistently with our teaching methodology.

Private, semi-private and small group lessons only.  No floats except for kickboards.  All our instructors teaching from within the water.  Our distinctive technique can be seen as well as felt in the lessons themselves.  Our awards system is more focussed and specific than the majority of other swim schools.  Thus suiting our small, personal lessons.

We guarantee only the highest standard of lessons, with emphasis on several important key elements:
  • Technique Focussed

  • Private, Semi-Private or Small Group Classes

  • Repetition, Review and Routine

  • Teacher Professionalism

  • Quality Teaching Programme

  • Continuous Learning

  • Measureable Progression

  • Fun Through Learning

  • Strong Communication

  • Structured Lessons

Beginner 1

A nervous beginner who is likely to be reluctant to enter the water.

Beginner 2
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 9
Stage 10