SwimWay’s Inaugural STA Accredited Award Course

Last week marked a milestone for SwimWay as Alberto Baggio and Lydia Baxter spearheaded the company’s first-ever collaborative STA Accredited Award Course along with with Aquatic Training Courses. The event was a commendable success on the journey towards helping create a safer and more skilled community of teachers AND swimmers.

Quality of Excellence

Lydia and Alberto’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the five-day program. They not only maintained but elevated the standards of aquatic training. Their dedication shone through as they delivered a comprehensive course. Setting a benchmark that reflects their passion for ensuring the highest quality of education in the field.

Diverse Topics Explored

The course curriculum was thoughtfully crafted to cover an array of essential topics, ensuring the aspiring swimming instructors received a well-rounded learning experience. From mastering the basics of bubbles to the intricacies of butterfly stroke, participants delved into aquatic games, hydrostatics, and dynamics. The approach not only equipped the learners with a comprehensive skillset, but also instilled an understanding of the varied world of swimming instruction.

As the week unfolded, participants also formed a supportive community of like-minded individuals. The camaraderie that developed during the course is a testament to the collaborative spirit fostered by SwimWay.

The outcome of this collective effort was the addition of nine wonderful new teachers to the realm of swimming instruction. These newly minted educators now stand ready to impart their knowledge and skills to a fresh wave of swimming enthusiasts. Thus contributing to the broader goal of water safety and proficiency.

The Journey Continues

Looking ahead, the success of this inaugural event sets the stage for more collaborative STA Accredited Awards in the future. Enthusiasts and aspiring instructors are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming opportunities. SwimWay is committed to making such transformative experiences a regular occurrence.