Highlights from SwimWay’s Spring 2024 Instructor Training Meeting

On the 14th of January 2024, the SwimWay team eagerly gathered at Sheen Mount School for the Spring 2024 Instructor Training Meeting, marking the commencement of another term filled with enthusiasm, learning, and a commitment to excellence. The meeting not only served as a platform to refresh the team’s Health & Safety knowledge but also delved into teacher development, training programs, and creative teaching strategies.

Team Meeting Insights from Dan Pastor, Tamsin Watt & Ana Mauricio

Join us as Dan Pastor, Tamsin Watt, and Ana Mauricio kick off the first team meeting of the year, highlighting SwimWay’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Navigating global realities, adapting, innovating, and nurturing our team’s skills are at the core of SwimWay’s mission…

Creative Teaching Workshop with Alberto Baggio

Spring 2024 term at SwimWay promises not just swimming lessons but a voyage into creativity and engaging teaching methodologies. Alberto Baggio, one of our Training & Development Supervisors, took centre stage in a dynamic Creative Teaching Workshop, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary…

Emergency First Aid Training for Swimming Teachers: Ensuring Safety in Every Stroke

In the heart of SwimWay’s commitment to excellence lies a cornerstone that sets us apart — a relentless dedication to health and safety. Led by our experienced trainer, David Ashton, who holds accreditation from the National Pool Lifesaving Society UK (www.rlss.org.uk), this session equipped our team with crucial skills to respond effectively in emergency situations. Thus showcasing SwimWay’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a secure and protected environment for both team members and swimmers…

Celebrating Team Bonding: A Well-Deserved Evening at the Victoria Pub

As the intensive Spring 2024 Instructor Training ended, Dan recognized the dedication and hard work of the team. To foster camaraderie and unwind, Dan invited the group to the local pub “The Victoria” for a quiet drink. This casual gathering provided an opportunity for the team to relax. It also reinforced the sense of community that is integral to the SwimWay ethos. A delightful conclusion to a day filled with professional development. Thus ensuring a team of colleagues and a close-knit family, dedicated to delivering excellence in swimming instruction.

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