Team Meeting Insights from Dan Pastor, Tamsin Watt & Ana Mauricio

The SwimWay team gathered on the 14th of January for the Instructor Training Meeting, ushering in a season of growth and dedication. Join us on this journey as we explore the Spring Term 2024 team meeting insights from Dan Pastor (SwimWay MD), Tamsin Watt (Head of Swimming), and Ana Mauricio (Parent & Baby Supervisor), shaping the foundation for an exceptional term of learning and excellence.

Macro Perspectives: Navigating Global Realities

SwimWay MD, Dan Pastor kicked off the meeting with a discussion about macro perspectives. As we embark on the first term of 2024, SwimWay finds itself navigating the currents of a world shaped by global conflicts, the rising cost of living, and shifting demographics, particularly in the 0 to 3-year-old age group attending full-time nurseries. Closer to home, a 30% drop in this age group in Richmond raises questions about the impact on our local environment.

Within the Sheen Mount catchment area, stretching from 200m to over 900m, changes in demographics resonate with the broader economic landscape. Notably, 80% of schools in Richmond report vacancies in their reception classes, reflecting the broader challenges faced by educational institutions.

SwimWay’s Response: Adapting and Innovating

In response to these shifts, SwimWay is not merely treading water but swimming forward with purpose. We’re opening a new site in Kew Gardens, reinforcing our commitment to providing quality, experience, and excellence in swimming instruction. To meet the evolving needs of our community, we’re also introducing new products such as Summer Camps and Water Aerobic sessions.

The Importance of Instructors: Nurturing Skills, Fostering Teamwork

Why does this matter? As SwimWay’s valued team members, our instructor’s roles go beyond the strokes in the water. So, being good with children and parents is just the beginning. We value team players who are proactive, meticulous about paperwork, reliable, and punctual. Commitment ensures a harmonious and effective teaching environment.

Insights from Tamsin Watt & Ana Mauricio

Head of Swimming, Tamsin Watt, then unveiled a compelling agenda, promising innovation, development, and a renewed focus on delivering top-notch swimming instruction.

Parent and Baby Programme Update

SwimWay’s Parent & Baby Supervisor, Ana Mauricio, provided a comprehensive update on the Parent and Baby Programme, outlining exciting developments for the term.

The successful trial of a new program at the Kensington pool last term has paved the way for its implementation at Balham this term. Jitka Kantor, a key member of our team, will be instrumental in executing the program at Balham. Thus reflecting SwimWay’s commitment to consistency and excellence across all locations.

Training sessions have been scheduled for all P&B teachers, ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver the highest quality instruction

Teacher Development:

Tamsin then emphasized the importance of ongoing teacher development, unveiling plans for continued lesson observations. A series of training and teaching workshops are on the horizon. These will be designed to empower our instructors and enhance their teaching methodologies. Updates to the SwimWay Stages will be introduced, aligning our curriculum with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Setting Sail into a Season of Excellence

The SwimWay team stands poised at the helm of a season filled with growth and dedication. Dan Pastor, Tamsin Watt, and Ana Mauricio have highlighted SwimWay’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Navigating global realities, adapting, innovating, and nurturing our team’s skills are at the core of SwimWay’s mission. With a new site in Kew Gardens and exciting programs on the horizon, we embark on this journey. Ensuring each stroke in the water and every lesson taught reflects the values of quality, experience, and excellence.

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