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SwimWay Swimming School is an exclusive provider of specialised 1:1 and 1:2 children's lessons, as well as small-group parent and baby classes

Our program is the culmination of over 20 years of industry experience, research and innovation.  We ensure a consistent, professional and individual-focused experience in accordance with the SwimWay Teaching Methodology.

All our instructors currently work or have worked in established swimming programs across London and throughout the world. This brings a solid background in swimming teaching to the team, continuously helping improve our own methodology.

All of our children's lessons are provided as 1:1 or 1:2, and our parent and baby classes are small groups of 4 or 5. This allows the instructor to create a specific lesson plan for each student. Other swimming schools have to follow a generalised swimming plan due to the high student/teacher ratio, and the number of students taught per week.

The SwimWay program has been developed by utilising a combination of skills obtained from many countries throughout the world, including Australia, New-Zealand, USA, South Africa and Brazil. This selection of the best teaching techniques across the globe will inevitably provide you or your child with the finest swimming lessons that London has to offer.

The most important aspects of our classes are lesson quality, teachers’ enthusiasm, and the methodology that has been developed and implemented.  Of course, the environment and water quality/temperature also play an enormous factor in students’ progress.

The SwimWay swimming programme will enable all students to develop and practice key techniques and skills, progressing as stroke and skill competency is achieved.  The SwimWay instructors continually assess all students to ensure they are progressing through the programme.

Our team has a huge base of knowledge and experience of which we are incredibly proud. All instructors undergo constant training and development, ensuring they are at peak potential for health & safety, and teaching techniques.  This enables SwimWay to provide quality swimming lessons that are safe and fun!


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SwimWay Swimming School

A Short History


The Beginning

SwimWay was founded in 2005 by Dan Pastor to provide alternative swimming lessons for families who were unsatisfied with the existing swimming programmes of public leisure centres or health clubs.

Dan worked as a swimming instructor for many years across London before identifying a niche market for home-visit swimming lessons, following the growing number of private swimming pools being built in people's homes.

The company quickly became the leading provider of home-visit swimming lessons in the South West of London. Overwhelming demand for the SwimWay service soon made expansion a necessity...


The Future

In 2009, the company secured its first location open to the public – Putney West. This was the start of the expansion to provide the best 1:1, 1:2 and small-group lessons for babies, children and adults that London has to offer.

Since then, SwimWay has grown from a one-man home-visit swimming lesson operation to a thriving business, offering classes at a wide range of exclusive pools around London. With over 30 instructors and office staff servicing over 1100 students per week.

However much SwimWay grows, the core company values remain the same: Striving to offer the best service possible, from bookings through to lessons and beyond.