Benefits of Swimming

At SwimWay, we believe learning to swim is a core life skill

There are many benefits to swimming lessons for you or your children.  Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It can serve as a cross-training element to your regular workouts.

Gradually increasing your heart rate and stimulating muscle activity is easily accomplished in the water.  Before or after a land workout, swimming a few laps can help you warm up/cool down, move blood through your muscles to help them recover, and help you relax as you glide through the water.

Learning to swim well from an early age is a healthy activity that provides life skills and benefits for your child.  This includes increased safety & confidence in and around water, sporting enjoyment, competition and discipline, and a lifelong skill that can be enjoyed at all stages of life.

Dr. Mathew Luebbers

(Sports Science from United States Sports Academy)

Many swimmers find an indirect benefit from swimming. They develop life skills such as sportsmanship, time management, self-discipline, goal setting, and an increased sense of self worth through their participation in the sport. Swimmers seem to do better in school, in general terms, than non-swimmers as a group.

British Heart Foundation

Swimming is a great form of exercise with numerous benefits. Exercise is key to weight management, a healthy heart and greater energy levels, and coupled with a sensible diet, is essential for a long and healthy life. Children should learn the habit of regular exercise early in life, and swimming can be a fun way to do this.

Dr. Gregory Fort

(California University)

For every child who drowns, three receive emergency care for non-fatal submersion injuries. Over 40% of these children require hospitalisation (CDC 2003). These incidents can cause brain damage resulting in disabilities ranging from memory problems to the permanent loss of basic functioning.

Swim School Owners Association of Australia

Swimming enhances balance, strength, co-ordination, endurance, and promotes health & fitness. Sport, and swimming in particular, provides an opportunity for children to succeed when they may not do as well in the classroom for example. Swimming also has many benefits for children with disabilities.