Why Invest In Private Swimming Lessons For Children?

Parents want the best for their children’s swimming education.  Are you looking for the quickest, safest and most effective option for your child to learn how to swim? Then private swimming lessons are the answer!

swimway swimming coach teaching a student

Sole Focus

With SwimWay’s private swimming lessons, the sole focus will be on your child. Our experienced and highly trained swimming instructors will be able to give the individual attention every child can benefit from.  This not only helps to build rapport between teacher and student, but it also helps build confidence in the water.  Our students know that their SwimWay coach is right there in the water supporting them.


In large public classes, the instructor may have to split their time between 8 other students.  That doesn’t leave much time for individual focus and attention.  Private classes are safer and more efficient. SwimWay prides itself in having the most highly trained instructors in London.  All our teachers participate in safety training at the start of each term. We specifically produce this training for our private pool locations.


It can be frustrating for parents and students when they fall behind due to a lack of individual attention.  Our teaching methodology has been specifically designed for small personal classes; working to the individual needs of each student.

We don’t use buoyancy aids (except kickboards). This means our students learn to swim without relying on something other than themselves to keep them afloat. Due to the large classes, other swim schools often use backpacks, shark wings and noodles. This inevitably delays the learning process.


The price per lesson for the SwimWay private and semi-private classes are higher than what you find in group lessons. However, look at how much a child advances over the course of one term with us. Now, look at the progression in group lessons. You will see that with group lessons, at the end the day you will end up paying more to get your child safe, confident and able in the water.

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