Information To Make Booking SwimWay Swimming Lessons Easier

During peak booking times, our friendly office staff experience a huge surge of requests. They are extremely busy with queries and booking in new swimming families across all our venues. There are literally hundreds of emails and calls from people excited about taking up swimming with SwimWay. All of this happens over a short, but very intense period! So, it will be helpful for you to know what information will make booking SwimWay lessons easier and more expedient for everyone involved!

SwimWay office staff on hand to help

Below you can find some key questions we may ask when booking your child to swim with SwimWay. The answers to these questions are essential to proceed with any booking. They also help our Account Managers find the ideal swimming lessons for your child.

If they are taking 1:2 lessons we will try to partner your child with someone who has a similar skill level and maturity. This is so they can develop a good partnership, improve together and inspire one another.

If they are taking our 1:1 lessons, then these questions will also give the instructor a good idea of their abilities. That way they will build an effective lesson plan and bring out the very best in your little swimmer!

Information Required To Book

If you fill out the booking form on our website, you will automatically provide all this information anyway. If you have already provided these details, you do not need to do so again.

  • Do you agree to our terms and privacy policy? This is required to proceed with any booking.
  • Which venue/s would you like to book?
  • What course/day and time would you like to book?  In case your first choice/s are no longer available we suggest sending at least 3 options.
  • Are you looking for 1:1 or 1:2 children’s lessons, or group parent & baby lessons?
  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s DOB
  • Any pertinent medical information
  • Address
  • Mobile
  • Email

Information To Ascertain Ability

The best way to do this is to use our handy stage finder on our website. This will give you an excellent idea of your child’s swimming stage. However, it is extremely important to never overestimate your child’s abilities! More information on our swimming programme here.

  • Has he/she had lessons before? If yes, was he/she given any badges/awards/levels?
  • Is he/she confident/comfortable in the water?
  • Does he/she swim with attachable floatation aids (armbands, etc.)?
  • Can he/she put his/her head underwater and blow bubbles?
  • Is he/she able to float unassisted on the back and/or front? How many seconds?
  • When swimming on the back/front, is it a recognisable stroke with arms, or just kicking/doggy paddle?
  • When just kicking, how many metres can he/she do on the back/front?
  • If there is a recognisable stroke with arms, how many metres full backstroke can he/she do before the technique starts to falter?
  • If he/she is swimming front crawl with arms, is the breathing to the front or to the side? Both sides, or just one side?
  • How many metres front crawl?
  • If he/she is swimming breaststroke, is it the full stroke with arms & legs together, or separately?
  • How many metres breaststroke?
  • Has he/she started learning butterfly? If so, is it just at an introductory (basic undulation movement), intermediate (kicking & arms separate) or full stroke?
  • How many metres butterfly?

This information will certainly help to make booking lessons easier. So once you have it at hand, you will be ready to book swimming lessons with SwimWay London Swim School!

If you would like to discuss our Swimming Lessons contact us here or call us on 020 8871 3972.