Summer Break – Skeleton Crew In Operation

During the two week summer break SwimWay pools close up shop. However, the offices remain open for business, albeit with a skeleton crew in operation!

A Well-Deserved Rest

While our pools and instructors are having a well-deserved rest, we will have one or two staff in the office.  It is not an extremely busy time of year, so one person in the office will usually suffice.  However, it is important for us to be available to our clients. We want to be ready to help with any have any queries/concerns. Or perhaps someone simply wishes to book a space with us!

Pre-Term Holiday Course

The final summer holiday course runs the week prior to the start of the Autumn Term. It is a popular course as it gives the kids a great boost before they kick off the term-time lessons.  This and the Autumn Term is what most of the queries are for. Our summer break skeletal crew will be there to book and take payment for any requests that come in!

Catching Up With Admin

This is also a time where we can focus on the other admin work. Website optimisation, marketing planning, new business and data consolidation.  It is a valuable time especially for our Operations Manager, Will McCabe. He takes pleasure in activating his Virgoan ways to focus on one of his passions in life: SPREADSHEETS!  He takes this time to make the business data neat and tidy!

So if you’re holding off on getting in touch until the end of the month, don’t! Give us a call today!  We’re here to help, and there are still spaces left for the final holiday course and Autumn Term!