3 Reasons To Join The SwimWay Pre-Term Summer Holiday Course

The SwimWay Summer Holiday Courses have become more and more popular as the years go by. We used to run only three courses over the summer break at the end of July and beginning of August. However as demand increased, we realised many clients were very interested in a course just before the start of the Autumn Term. Hence the introduction of the pre-term Summer Holiday Course.

young child running on a beach

There are many reasons why you should swim in any holiday course, but the pre-term course has some excellent unique benefits. Here are three of them…

Revision After A Long Break

The long gap between the Summer and Autumn Terms means that some children can experience some regression in the things they have learnt. The pre-term course helps them revise and sharpen their skills and technique so when they start the term, they can hit the ground running.

This can be especially true in a 1:2 lesson. If one child has spent the summer swimming and the other hasn’t, a mismatch can occur. This is usually more than manageable, and within a few lessons, the kids are back on their path. However, if the child who didn’t have much opportunity to swim joins the pre-term holiday course, they can start the term with confidence!

Correcting Bad Habits

Following on from the point above, if a child has spent an entire summer swimming recreationally, confidence/regression will not be an issue. However, what can start to develop are a few bad habits as they steer away from certain foundation skills that they have learnt. This is in no way an issue – swimming is meant to be fun! They should have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a pool or the sea safely and happily! But a pre-term holiday course will help with some stroke correction and technique development before their regular weekly lessons begin. All the while still having fun!

A Final Summer Activity

Let’s not forget that while September can provide a few lovely days, August is pretty much the end of summer. September brings with it school and heralds the beginning of Autumn and soon the cold, dark days of winter!

The pre-term holiday course is a fun final summer activity for the children to enjoy before they get back to school and responsibilities! SwimWay swimming lessons are always a fun break from the world (for both children and parents).

Take a final opportunity this summer to join us for one last course!