3 Reasons To Book SwimWay Holiday Crash Courses

Between each term falls everyone’s favourite time of year: HOLIDAYS!  Let’s not kid ourselves, holidays are the best!  Kids love them, adults love them, everyone loves them!  What’s not to love?  The potential for relaxation, hopefully some fun in the sun and let’s not forget swimming! This is why SwimWay holiday courses are so popular!

The biggest holiday period is obviously over summer, but let’s not forget the Half Term, Easter and Christmas breaks too!  While many of our students re-enrol each term, some of our clients are unable to commit to a full term of swimming, and opt for booking SwimWay holiday courses only.  Then there are also those who book term-time AND holidays.  These are the students we see the most progression from.  Here’s why…

1. Continuous Progression

Our students thrive in their lessons when they attend on a regular basis.  When a child attends lessons irregularly during a term, you will find that their progression can suffer as a result.  The old adage “practice makes perfect” holds true.  You can imagine that taking a break between each term can have similar consequences, especially over the long summer break.

2. A Boost To The Progression

For a multitude of reasons, sometimes a student may struggle with particular exercises/skills.  This can cause some of our 1:2 lessons to gradually become a bit of a mismatch over time as one child continues to progress, while the other struggles to attain some of the necessary pass criteria in the SwimWay Stages.

We find that signing up for a week’s crash course can do wonders to help our students master some of the skills they have been struggling with.  It does wonders for their confidence and health, and of course is a whole lot of fun!  We sometimes suggest a child signs up for a 1:1 holiday course if they are starting to mismatch with their term-time buddy. However, pairing them with a different partner over the holidays can help too!

3. The Children Love It!

Never underestimate the fact that one of the main things we focus on in our lessons is for the children to ENJOY THEMSELVES!  This creates a fun and encouraging atmosphere, and helps push them to become better.  If you’re not going away for your holidays, what better way to give the kids a fun and exciting activity than signing them up for a SwimWay Holiday Swimming Crash Course?

SwimWay Holiday Courses have proved extremely popular over the years as the children improve by leaps and bounds due to the intense attention and focus on their needs throughout the week.  Combining fun with the obvious health benefits, our crash courses are an excellent boost to children’s development and a wonderful start to the holiday season!

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