SwimWay Team Health & Safety Training – Summer Term 2018

It’s that time again!  We enter into a new term, and the SwimWay staff has it’s termly staff meeting.  An opportunity for the team to meet up discuss ideas and resolve potential issues. But most importantly, for the health and safety refresher course.

Splitting the group in two ensured more focus and attention on individual needs in the sessions. SwimWay MD Dan Pastor and Head of Swimming Tamsin Watt took the staff through operational matters. While in the second group our Consultant Dave Perry ran through the company Health and Safety practices.

Health & Safety Consultant Dave Perry discussing matters with SwimWay MD Dan Pastor

This term Dave focussed on several important aspects of health and safety:

Procedures and practices on site

Safe and secure facility set up and break down. Knowing the site fully, and being aware of surroundings and potential hazards.  Studying the most recent NOP and EOP for each location. Daily or weekly checks of the first aid kit stock. Double checking emergency contact information.

Medical details for students

SwimWay uses CoursePro software for its bookings system.  This allows our Account Managers to input medical information for any person entering the water. The instructors will have access to this information for a safer environment for all. Instructors should always be fully aware of each child’s medical needs prior to any lesson.

Practices before, during and after incidents

Based on any past incidents, Dave took the instructors through all the best practices.  In a question and answer scenario, Dave ensured each instructor would be able to capably deal with any on-site incidents.

CPR Training

As usual, Dave finished off the session with CPR training.  This is something that you can never practice too much. It can mean the difference between life and death in some situations.  We value the safety of each one of our students and take all aspects of this training extremely seriously.

Dan and Tamsin ran their meeting together, taking the staff through operational procedures and teaching practices:

Standard operational responsibilities

Dan ran through each instructor’s duties and day to day tasks when in the employ of SwimWay. This tied in many of the H&S points that Dave raised in his session.

Presentation and first impressions

SwimWay puts a lot of effort into ensuring our instructors all present themselves well before, during and after their lessons.  We provide branded caps, rash vests, shirts, tracksuits, jumpers, and many other items to wear in and out of classes.  This not only provides brand recognition but gives a professional appearance for our clients.  Dan and Tamsin both also stressed the huge amount of importance on first and lasting impressions.  We always expect our instructors to meet and greet new students and their parents.  A smile and polite introduction can go a long way in calming any first-time nerves for students and parents.  Maintaining this kind of interaction with new and old clients helps to create a positive learning environment for the children,

Assessments and SwimWay methodology

Tamsin ran a question and answer seeions to ensure our instructors were up to date on the SwimWay programme. Our CoursePro bookings system allows our instructors to continuously assess the children throughout the term. This leads to the children’s assessments at the end of term. The results of these assessments come in the form of the certificates and badges for the children. And let’s not forget the super-popular SwimWay medals they receive at the end of the summer term.  It is incredibly important for our instructors to assess the children conservatively, and correctly.  Any over or under-estimation of a child’s level can result in mismatches in 1:2 lessons.  This is something on which we work very hard to avoid.

Stage 4 and 5 lesson plans

The instructors were then taken through some of the The training videos that were produced this year were then played for the instructors.  Her focus for this meeting was for stage 4 and 5 swimmers.  She showed the teachers different drills and methods to keep the children motivated in the classes.   She also carefully guided them through teacher positioning to ensure safety in the lessons is paramount.

The team finished off the evening with a drink at the local.  Another important part of the SwimWay ethos is promoting a friendly and sociable environment.  With so many different locations, it is sometimes tricky to get together as a team.  These staff meetings allow for everyone to touch base and maintain relationships.

Wishing all our lovely students and parents a happy, sunny and productive term ahead!