FAQ: Why Are There Restrictions On Booking Some Available Spaces?

We have recently covered how our availability pages work for children’s and parent/baby lessons. We thought it would be helpful to delve into the booking restrictions SwimWay has in place for certain situations/days/venues…

child learning to swim with swimway

Low Demand Lesson Times

Our prime-time children’s lessons run between 15:30 – 19:00 on weekdays and any time on weekends.  These spaces are notoriously difficult to book into due to the huge amount of demand we have.  Anything we offer before 15:30 on weekdays may come with booking restrictions attached.

We have to be careful when booking children into these times. We may find ourselves running the lesson at a loss.  Most of our venues offer two lessons running at the same time with different instructors.  To generate profit, we must secure one 1:1 lesson, or a minimum of two children booked into separate 1:2 lessons.  Booking one child into a 1:2 lesson with no child swimming in the other class, means running at a loss.

Advance Booking

When we open the bookings, there are fewer restrictions as there is still time before the new term starts. We will work to secure more bookings to ensure not only profit but a sociable, fun environment for the children.  However, sometimes the demand simply isn’t there, and we do not fill those spaces. We usually contact the client to ask if they are able to move to another time/day. But if they are unable to do so, we will honour the booking for one term. Should the same issue occur again the following term, we give notice of any changes that need to be made.  We usually ask the client to another time/day, source their own partner, or change the booking to a 1:1 lesson.

Parent & Baby Lessons

Another example of a booking restriction would be for parent and baby lessons.  Sometimes we will have a large number of spaces available for a certain age group. Until those spaces are filled, we cannot open a new class for that age group. You can book an open space if you secure a minimum of 2 other children to join you. That way we can ensure that the class isn’t running at a loss. Additionally, there would be a sufficient number of children in the lesson to ensure a progressive class for all.

New Bookings Only

It can be frustrating for current clients to be unable to book a space listed as “new bookings only”.  We list spaces like this when the current client is no longer able to swim at that time. The only way we can refund that client is if we can sell their space to a new booking.  This is why we list it for “new bookings only” and current clients are generally unable to move there.  If a current client wants the space and is swimming in an equally/more sellable slot, we can make an exception. As long as the client looking to sell their space agrees.

Private Lessons Only

For various reasons, including pool size, contract restrictions, demand, etc. we can sometimes only offer 1:1 lessons on some days/venues. This may be especially confusing if you see two slots available at the same, one as a 1:1 and the other as a 1:1 or 1:2! This would be because the particular venue only allows a certain amount of children to swim every half an hour to avoid overcrowding the facilities. It is clearer in our private lesson only facilities, as all spaces will be listed as 1:1 lessons only.

Wording Used For Booking Restrictions

1:1 or 1:2 lesson if you have a partner

Children’s lessons: You can book this space as a 1:1 only, unless you can arrange your own partner

1:1 lesson only

Children’s lessons: You can book this space as a 1:1 only

Minimum 2 or 3 children required

Parent & Baby lessons: You can book this space if you can ensure a minimum capacity of 2 or 3 students in the lesson

New bookings only

This space can only be offered to a new booking, as it is being sold by the client currently booked into the lesson

That’s it!  We hope this guide helps you, and the next step is to…