FAQ: What Is Covered In SwimWay Crash Courses?

SwimWay crash courses offer opportunities for regular and non-regular SwimWay students to progress and have fun over various holiday periods throughout the year.  But what exactly is covered in these courses?  Well, this would indeed be a VERY long post if we went into too much detail, but here are some of the most important benefits and things that are covered…

Practicing Specific Skills/Techniques

Some swimmers need some extra attention to a particular stroke or part of a technique. This is especially true for some students working towards SwimWay Stage 3. This is one of the most technically difficult levels to pass in the programme.  It is when we develop kicking & distance, introduce arms on the back and the front, as well as lateral/bilateral breathing in front crawl. Intensive one–on–one instruction from our experienced teachers will be able to focus on a particular area they may be struggling with. It is a great way to boost progress and focus on technique.

Building Confidence

Confidence and comfort in the water lay the groundwork for future progression. Some swimmers lack confidence in the water or in their own abilities. The extra attention and daily training they receive help these students overcome fears and push themselves further.

Lesson Continuity

Continuity is key to progression. Sometimes, even a short break can make an impact. Our students thrive in their lessons when they attend on a regular basis.  When a child attends lessons irregularly during a term, you will find that their progression can suffer as a result. A break can very often be a well-deserved rest and have a positive effect on many children. Whereas, some children find that supplementing their weekly lessons with an intensive course gives a tremendous boost to their development.

Rebalancing Abilities in a Shared Class

Signing up for a week’s crash course can really help master some of the skills a student may have been struggling with and help them catch up with a term time buddy.  We sometimes suggest a child signs up for a 1:1 holiday course if they are starting to mismatch with their term-time buddy. However, pairing them with a different partner over the holidays can help too!

Revision After A Long Break

The long gap between the Summer and Autumn Terms means that some children can experience some regression in the things they have learnt. A summer holiday course or two helps them revise and sharpen their skills and technique so when they start the term, they can hit the ground running.

Correcting Bad Habits

Following on from the point above, if a child has spent an entire summer swimming recreationally, confidence/regression will not be an issue. However, what can start to develop are a few bad habits as they steer away from certain foundation skills that they have learnt. This is in no way an issue – swimming is meant to be fun!  But a holiday course will help with some stroke correction and technique development before their regular weekly lessons begin. All the while still having fun!

SwimWay Crash Courses have shown wonderful results in the SwimWay Programme. Not just in preparing for swimming on holidays, but also building and developing what has already been learnt during the term.

The spaces usually fill up quickly, so to avoid disappointment, get in touch ASAP to book your space