FAQ: Find Your SwimWay Stage Questionnaire

Whenever a new client contacts us, we take them through a series of simple questions to find their SwimWay stage. This helps to ascertain what kind of level the child is at.  Ensuring 1:2 lessons are suitably matched is of utmost importance to us.  Not only by age but by their abilities too. This is one of the reasons we do not yet offer an online bookings system for 1:2 lessons

swimway swimming certificates
SwimWay Students LOVE the certificates and badges that are awarded at the end of every term

The SwimWay Methodology and Awards System is a unique construction that may differ slightly to other swim schools terminology.  The awards and stages are ability and stroke specific. Thus it is important to ensure any new bookings we take are assessed as closely as possible to our stages.  This way, we can ensure any 1:2 lessons are a good match for the children swimming.

This is why we have an online questionnaire for parents to find out what stage their children are swimming at.  Take a few minutes to run through the questions. It will give you a better idea of what stage you are looking for when searching through our availability online.

Whether speaking with us directly or filling out the questionnaire, remember to be conservative with your estimation of your child’s abilities. If you overstate their abilities, they may end up in a mismatched lesson. Our instructors can sometimes manage this, but your lesson will always be more progressive when swimming with a suitable partner.