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The SwimWay teaching methodology combines the best aspects of different approaches to swimming instruction, all in line with the ASA, STA, NPTS and other international equivalent programme guidelines.
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Swimming Programmes

The SwimWay teaching methodology combines the best aspects of different approaches to swimming instruction, all in line with the ASA, STA, NPTS and other international equivalent programme guidelines.  The SwimWay programme has been developed using a combination of skills obtained from many countries throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and Brazil.

The most important aspects of our classes are the lesson quality, teachers’ enthusiasm, and the methodology that has been developed and implemented.  Of course, the environment and water quality/temperature also play an enormous factor in students’ progress.

Because SwimWay specialises in private or semi-private lessons, the children receive full, direct support inside the water from their teacher.  This allows them to use only a kickboard as a floatation device without sacrificing any safety measures.  Other swim schools often use backpacks, shark wings and noodles which inevitably delay the learning process.

A good programme will work on fundamentals such as breath control, buoyancy, body position, gliding and correct leg kick action before introducing the full stroke.  Students that are given the correct core elements will thrive, and become good swimmers.


The SwimWay Parent & Baby programme has been developed through many years of consistent experience and learning from all over the world.

We initially book according to age groups (6-12, 12-18, 18-24 and 24-36 months) although we do take into consideration previous swimming experience.  If after the first lesson our instructors think a different class will suit you and your baby better, then a member of the SwimWay office team will call you to discuss this.

SwimWay Parent and Baby classes are a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to swimming as well as being a fun social activity for you both.  Through a series of different techniques the children will learn water confidence and safety, develop an understanding of water movement, breath control through submersion, floatation front/back, how to kick correctly and basic arm movement.  There is a controlled focussed approach in the small classes with lots of opportunity for bonding between adult and baby.  The classes are progressive with a strong emphasis for the children to have fun, while developing several important factors including:

Water safety and awareness
Physical development (muscular, neurological, cardio vascular, coordination, motor skills)
Speech and language skills
Bonding for both baby and adult
Confidence and self-esteem
Adult self-assurance, supporting the baby in and around water
Learning skills (sharing, taking turns, following instructions)
Gentle exercise and social activity for new mums


The Swimway children’s award system is built with a 10 level structure.  With roots in the ASA and STA awards systems, we have further developed the programme into our own unique approach to work more consistently with our teaching methodology.

Private and semi-private lessons only.  No floats except for kickboards.  All our instructors teaching from within the water.  Our distinctive technique can be seen as well as felt in the lessons themselves.  Our awards system is more focussed and specific than the majority of other swim schools, which suits our small, personal lessons.

We guarantee only the highest standard of lessons, with emphasis on several important key elements:

Technique Focussed

Private or Semi-Private Classes

Repetition, Review and Routine

Teacher Professionalism

Quality Teaching Programme

Continuous Learning

Measureable Progression

Fun Through Learning

Strong Communication

Structured Lessons


Please note we currently only offer adult lessons at our private facilities for residents/members only

SwimWay provides adult courses that are suitable for a wide range of skillsets.  Ranging from absolute beginners through to advanced level swimmers, and even triathlon training programmes.  Continuing our specialised methodology of private or semi-private lessons, our adult classes provide precise tutoring.  This ensures a more personal lesson, with more attention to the individual students.

The types of skill levels we can cater for are dependant on the pool size at the location.  Obviously the smaller pools offer an environment best suited to beginner and intermediate level swimmers, focussing on technique and stroke development.  Whereas the larger pools can offer more space for fitness and endurance for advanced swimmers and triathlon coaching.

We guarantee only the highest standard of lessons, with the lesson types broken down into four separate categories: