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SwimWay is the leading home visit Swimming School in London, providing swimming lessons to children, adults and parents & babies in exclusive private developments, homes, schools and gyms around London, as well as 8 sites open to general public.

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SwimWay ‘Steps to Success’ have been developed to incorporate a series of stages in our swimming lessons. These enable all our students to develop and practice key techniques and skills. This approach ensures that all students learn to swim in small classes with others at a similar level. They progress as stroke and skill competency is achieved. Our coaches are continually assessing all our students to ensure they are progressing their swimming through the SwimWay program.

Our experienced team have a huge base of knowledge and experience of which we are incredibly proud. All instructors undergo constant training and development, ensuring they are the best they can be when it come to health and safety and teaching techniques.  This enables us to provide you with fantastic swimming lessons that are also safe, and lots of fun!

We have 8 pools open to general public located in:


Kew Gardens
East Sheen

Streatham Hill



Wimbledon / Southfields



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