SwimWay Swimming Lessons: The Ideal Gift For Children

Each term at SwimWay we receive calls from someone (often grandparents) wishing to give the gift of swimming lessons. Not only is that an amazing present we’d like to find under our Christmas tree, but it is also a perfect gift for a child!

child looking for presents under a christmas tree

There is no more impactful gift than weekly swimming lessons. SwimWay requires a parent/guardian to watch our swimming lessons. Thus, many of our gift-givers take the opportunity to take the children to their lessons each week. This gives them the chance to watch them learn and grow in front of their eyes!

Swimming is an important life skill. Being a capable and confident swimmer may one day save a child’s life. Knowing your child has received bespoke private swimming tuition will allow you and your children to be more comfortable in and around water.

Aside from learning a new skill, weekly swimming lessons teach children a connection between hard work and achievement. Studies have shown that swimming lessons can help to boost children’s self-esteem. Additionally, they can improve their education by showing them the benefits of learning. Finally, like any sport, swimming helps promote a healthy lifestyle and improve the visual motor skills of growing children.

So what gift could be better? Allowing you to spend time with the children in your family every week. Watching them learn and grow, improving their mental and physical abilities. All the while keeping them safe, and allowing them to have fun in the water or on holiday!

Whether given as a gift or not, SwimWay swimming lessons are the ideal place to learn. Our classes are taught in private pools, inside exclusive private venues in London. Students get the full attention of our experienced instructors in our one to one or two to one lessons. Safety is key to our classes and SwimWay instructors receive refresher training courses every term. We teach without flotation aids with our instructors in the water providing any support that is required.

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